Yard Waste Curb Side Pickup Ends Friday, November 28

Note–This is an important message from Metro Waste Authority. The last day for pickup in Carlisle is November 28. Carlisle residents may also use the brush dump that is located across from the sewer lagoons on the gravel road that runs east of the railroad tracks from Park Drive.

2014 Compost It! Season – Now through Nov. 29

The weather is becoming chilly, which means yards are full of leaves and gardens are filled with dead plants and flowers. Make sure all your yard and garden waste is ready for collection before the end of the season. November 24-29 is the final week for curbside collection through the Compost It! program.

Do you use a cart, bags, stickers or all three?

Bag & Sticker Service can be used one of three easy ways:

  1. Compost It! bags: No sticker required. $7.75+tax for a bundle of five ($1.55 per bag)
  2. Generic or store-brand bags: Compost It! sticker required for each bag ($1.20+tax per sticker)
    Yard Waste Options

    Yard Waste Options

  3. Brush bundles: Compost It! sticker attached to each bundle $1.20+tax per sticker

Bags and stickers are sold at local hardware, grocery and convenient stores. A complete list of vendors is available at www.WhereItShouldGo.com.

Cart Service

A 96-gallon cart on wheels makes it even more convenient for residents to gather yard and garden waste and transport it to the curb. If you’re interested in enrolling or renewing in this service, call city hall for details.

Collection & Placement: Yard and garden waste is collected weekly at the curb on your regular garbage collection day. Yard waste bags or carts must be placed at least three feet apart from other trash and recycling carts.

For more information, including what is accepted and what is not accepted, visit www.WhereItShouldGo.com or call 515.244.0021.