What is “Public Measure C”?

First of all, please vote on Tuesday, November 3rd. It is your right and duty as a citizen. We would like to see as many people participate as possible in the voting process.

Second, for Carlisle residents, you will notice on the ballot, Public Measure C and it will ask if you want to vote yes or no on the measure. This measure asks whether the City of Carlisle should be allowed to borrow no more than $600,000 towards improvements to the Carlisle Fire Station.

The Carlisle Fire Station located at 135 North 2nd Street has served the City of Carlisle for several years. However, with the recent growth in population, coverage area, and increased call volume; the department is starting to outgrow the building as it now stands.

The borrowed money will enable the City to build and extra bay onto the building and construct a second floor for a couple of small bunkrooms for volunteer EMS personnel who volunteer in Carlisle, but travel a large distance to cover their scheduled hours. By bunking at the station, these volunteers will be immediately at the station to respond to calls. They will also need small locker and shower areas. The second floor will also include a small pantry and kitchen area. Where the kitchen area is now, offices will be constructed to allow the clerk and officers to get their work completed. They are currently crammed into one small office which is not favorable to getting work completed or when privacy is needed for smaller meetings.

The best way to learn how the current fire station is organized and to speak with the firefighters on the plans is to attend an open house at the fire station on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 starting at 6:00 PM.

Many other options were considered when attempting to determine the best direction to meet the needs of the department and affordability. Some options included constructing a new building or rehabilitating warehouse buildings, but these options were too costly.