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Seasonal Mower Operator Position

Seasonal Mower Operator – $10/hour

The City of Carlisle Parks Department is taking applications for Full time or Part time seasonal mower positions.

Applications are available at Carlisle City Hall (195 N. 1st Street) or online at the city website

Applicants must have valid driver’s license.

Application deadline is May 1st.

The City of Carlisle is an Equal Opportunity Employer.





Congratulations to Dave Sigmund-Employee of the Year!

Dave Sigmund was selected as Employee of the Year for 2017 by the Carlisle Chamber of  Commerce!  He was honored Saturday night at their annual dinner at Summerset Winery. Dave has worked for the city of Carlisle for over 21 years for the Parks and Rec Department.

Dave’s work title of “mower” has evolved over the years. His current job title certainly does not reflect all the jobs he performs for Carlisle’s Parks each season. Dave was hired by Jim Bursino as a seasonal employee. He worked 12 summers before retiring from teaching in 2008. Upon retirement he worked from May until September until 2011. The last 5 years his role has evolved and his once summer seasonal position has become Spring to Fall time frame.

Dave keeps busy with various tasks in the Parks department. A few of his jobs include the following:

Job #1 Mechanic – Dave is meticulous with making sure our equipment is running smoothly and ensures that all routine maintenance is current for each machine. He makes repairs and cleans equipment daily.

Job #2 Janitor – He cleans the aquatic center shower house and bathrooms every day. Daily he checks trash in the parks and cleans bathrooms weekly. The parks are clean because Dave makes sure all trash is put in it’s place and disposed of properly.

Job #3 Carpenter – Dave enjoys working with wood and constructing things. A few of his past accomplishments include rebuilding the main shelter house at North Park after it had been set on fire. He has constructed the bridges at South Park as well. He put new roofs on numerous shelter houses in all the parks and makes repairs in the city’s buildings when necessary. Over the course of 21 years I am sure there are many structures in Carlisle he has built or repaired.

Job # 4 Gardener/Landscape architect – This year Dave helped plant trees donated by the Friends of Carlisle Parks. With a tree replacement program from the Carlisle Little League and Softball organization we were able to plant over 60 trees. Dave was instrumental in making sure we had 100% survival as he diligently watered each tree twice a week! He builds retaining walls, builds garden borders and trims bushes also.

Job # 5 Aquatic Center Maintenance – Dave performs all above ground maintenance that must be done at the aquatic center. He is instrumental in making sure the pool is ready to open on “Opening Day”. The task of cleaning the pool after the winter is quite tedious and time consuming. He makes sure all the umbrellas that provide some shade are in working order and he has had to repair one more of them each summer since I have been employed at the Aquatic Center. Closing the pool also has a laundry list of things to take care of. He performs these tasks alone since the summer staff have left for school.

Job # 6 Mower/weedeater – Dave assists our full-time mower by complementing what she can’t get to on a daily or weekly basis. He makes sure all public and city owned green spaces we are responsible for, that are not limited to the parks, are mowed to the same expectation he has as if it is his own lawn. Some jobs require the detail work necessary to make it look well groomed. Weed eating is done to finish the job and make it look nice. The green spaces we have are responsible for are not limited to the parks. He makes sure all grass owned by the City of Carlisle is mowed consistently.

Job # 7 Mentor – Dave has touched the lives of many young men who have worked with him. He is the male role model that every young man respects and admires. The life lessons he teaches go far beyond taking care of a park, working on the the machinery and equipment, or a construction job. He teaches by setting an amazing example of what great work ethic looks like.

Dave consistently goes above and beyond his job title of a seasonal employee. He takes ownership for all things associated with the parks. His passion for excellence is something that I am very fortunate to witness and have access to.  He performs all these jobs wthout one complaint or argument that it is not his job. He respects everyone and tries to help out in every way he can. Not only am I the lucky one to have such a valued employee in my midst, but the residents of Carlisle are also fortunate to have a citizen who cares so much about this community!

Thank you Dave for you hard work and dedication to the City Of Carlisle Parks department and to the citizens of Carlisle!

Ronda Frost

Parks and Rec Superintendent