School Street Construction Update

Week of 8/13

-Continue work on intersections and curb and gutter

-Finish pouring sidewalks through drives on East end

– Retaining Wall Work-Sub is shooting for starting Late Week

-Finish full depth patches East of 8th                                

-Relocate Fire Hydrant- 8/16

– Remove remainder of pavement West of 8th Street-Late Thursday/Friday

-Begin Subgrade Prep

Week of 8/20

-Crack and Seat- Scheduled for 8/20. Will update if subs schedule changes

-Retaining wall work

-Sidewalk/Drives West of 8th Street

-Finish Subgrade Prep/Rock Base Layer

-Utility adjustments within School Street

-Grimes Paving-Subgrade Trim end of week

-Backfill/Grade Site

Week of 8/27

-Grimes Paving-Base Layer West of 8th Street.  Currently scheduled for 8/27

-Grimes Paving-Surface Course entire project. Currently scheduled for 8/28

-Manhole Adjustments/Pour Back

-Finish up Site Sidewalks

-Backfill/Grade Site

-Pavement Markings

Week of 9/3


-Manhole Lining-Currently scheduled for 9/4. (9/3 is a holiday)