School Resource Officer Message

We are just starting our second quarter of the school year. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time as a Carlisle Wildcat. Reflecting back on the first quarter, here is some food for thought.

5 Threats to Your Children

In dealing with thousands of kids on a daily basis, I thought I would share my opinion of what I think the top five challenges your child will have in 2018-2019. These consist of items that will be detrimental to your child’s health, well being, and future success.

Texting and Driving: Kids text and drive because they see so many adults texting and driving. I think a lot of parents know their children text and drive and are willing to play the odds instead of dealing with the issue. As you look the other way while your kid is texting and driving so do other parents who’s kids are texting and driving and might crash into you and your loved one. Please put down the phone and drive responsibly as everyone’s life depends on it.

Snapchat: Snapchat is reprogramming values you might have been trying to teach your kids. Parents have no way to monitor what kids are seeing on Snapchat and have no idea how influential it can be to juveniles. Kids are being brainwashed in a secret world that parents don’t understand and can not see. Snapchat desensitizes kids to pornography, drugs, bullying, suicide, and other important social issues, Kids are getting far more Snapchat programming than they are getting healthy parent programming. Just say “NO” to Snapchat.

Vaping; It seems like in the last year kids have taken to vaping in great numbers. I am estimating that 40% of the high school population is now vaping. What parents don’t understand is that this is an addiction that your child will battle for a long time possibly their entire life. It is not a habit you can just ask your child to stop over night. I am seeing kids giving up many other healthy activities to spend time vaping with their friends. Kids are being so addicted that they now have to vape during class time to get their nicotine fix. I know there are nicotine free vape juices and I have yet to see one instance where a juvenile bought nicotine free juice on purpose. Parents should make this battle one of their top priorities.

Respect / Accountability: The lack of respect and accountability are going to be why you can’t stand to be around your own kids in their late teens. If you teach your kids to disrespect authority, teachers, adults, and everyone else then you will have to eventually suffer the consequences. More and more I see any suggestion someone might make of people being held accountable for their choices as “hate speech”. Please teach your kids these two things as they are very important for a successful and happy life for your own kids and those that have to interact with your kids.

Technologies/Social Media: Video games and social media are brain sucking time wasters that take the life and motivation out of kids and adults. I know every generation says this about the next generation but there has to be a limit. When children are spending 8 hours a day on screen time it is entirely too much. What will kids remember of their childhood when all they do is stare at a screen? Parents are spending more and more time on their electronics and failing to spend valuable time with their children. Put down the phone and spend time as a family, I promise it will pay you back big later on in life.


Lucas Hauser, Carlisle School Resource Officer