Reminder: Parking Prohibited During Snow Emergencies


Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again and we have to start preparing for the snow and ice that we all know it is right around the corner. As a reminder, the Carlisle Police Department would like to remind all residents and visitors of the prohibited parking during snow emergencies. A snow emergency will be declared by the Department when the National Weather Service predicts that two or more inches of snow or ice will fall in the Carlisle area or when two or more inches of snow or ice has fallen.  We ask that when a snow emergency is declared that no vehicles are parked, abandon or be left unattended on any public street, alley or parking lot. (Chapter 69 of the Carlisle Code of Ordinances)

Parking bans shall remain in effect for a period to include 24 hours after snowfall has stopped.

For complete details on the city ordinance you can visit:

Emergency bans are also published on our Facebook page: