Notice of Hearing and Bid Letting: NW Water Main Extension Project




Carlisle, Iowa



Sealed proposals will be received by the City Administrator, City of Carlisle, Iowa, in his office at City Hall, 195 North First Street, PO BOX 430, Carlisle IA 50047, before 10:00 AM (local time) on May 2, 2017, for the project described as Northwest Water Main Extension, Carlisle Iowa, as hereinafter described in general and as described in detail in the Bidding Requirements and Contract Documents for said improvements now on file in the office of the City Administrator.  Proposals will be acted upon by the City Council at a regular meeting to be held at 6:30 PM on May 8, 2017 at the Carlisle City Hall, Carlisle, Iowa or at such later time as may be designated at said meeting.  At said meeting, a hearing will be held on the proposed Bidding Requirements, Contract Documents (drawings and specifications) and Estimate of Cost for said project, and at said hearing any interested person may appear and file objections thereto.

The extent of the work involved is as follows:

 The work consists of installation of approximately 9,200 feet of 12-inch water main, 2,500 feet of 6-inch water main, and minor pavement removal and replacements along with seeding of disturbed areas. The engineering opinion of construction cost is $981,300.00.

A 5% Bid Bond is required.

The work under the proposed contract shall commence within thirty (30) days of the written “Notice to Proceed.” The work shall be substantially completed on or before October 6, 2017 and ready for final completion on or before November 10, 2017, subject to any changes by Owner.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish a bond in an amount equal to 100% of the contract price, and said bond to be issued by a responsible surety approved by the Owner and shall guarantee the faithful performance of the contract and the terms and conditions there­in contained, and the warranty of the materials and workmanship for not less than four (4) years from the time of acceptance of said im­provements by the City Council. Out-of-state bidders shall be prepared to submit an Out-of-State Contractor Bond to the Iowa Division of Labor in accordance with Chapter 91C of the Code of Iowa.

Iowa law provides that on public improvements a resident bidder shall be allowed preference as against a nonresident bidder from a state or foreign country which gives or requires a preference to bidders from that state or foreign country. The preference so allowed shall be equivalent to the preference given or required by the state or foreign country in which the nonresident bidder is a resident.

Complete digital project bidding documents are available at Prospective bidders may download the digital plan documents at no cost, but must input the Quest project cost number 4995225 on the website’s project search page.  Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, printing, and working with this digital project information. Website registration is necessary to ensure that prospective bidders remain informed of addendum and other essential communications prior to the bid date.  If the prospective bidder has a concern about the validity of the digital information downloaded from, then prospective bidder shall access the paper copies on file at the Owner’s or the Engineer’s office to verify the information in question.

Paper copies of said Bidding Requirements and Contract Documents are now on file in the office of the City Administrator, City Hall, Carlisle, Iowa, for examination by prospective bidders, and prospective bidders may obtain paper copies from FOX Engineering Associates, 414 South 17th Street, Suite 107, Ames, Iowa, 50010. A deposit charge of $50.00 per set of Bidding Requirements and Contract Documents will be made, all of which will be refunded if returned in reusable condition within 14 days of the Award of Contract. If all documents are not returned in reusable condition and within 14 days, the deposit shall be forfeited.


Published by order of the City Council of Carlisle, Iowa



Andrew Lent, City Administrator