Minutes, Special City Council Meeting, 21 November 2016



Monday, 21 November 2016, 5:30 P.M.

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber

195 North First Street, Carlisle, Iowa

Elected Officials present were Mayor Ruth Randleman and Council Members Rob VanRyswyk, Eric Goodhue, Dan McCulloch, Doug Hammerand, and Drew Merrifield constituting a quorum. Also present were City Administrator Andy Lent, Park Superintendent Ronda Frost, Public Works Superintendent Steve O’Braza, Electric Superintendent Don Miller, Police Chief Eric Spring, Fire Chief Cory Glover, Library Director Stacy Goodhue, and Deputy Clerk Kay Black. Mayor Randleman called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Josh Goldsberry, 700 Lexington, expressed his concern about the entrance to Lindhart (South) Park. There is heavy traffic from the ballgames there and traffic can be backed up at the entrance to what he feels is an unsafe situation. He is aware there had been some discussion about the entrance being widen to the south, but that would be expensive with the creek being on the immediate south side of the entrance. He thought the city should discuss purchasing land with the neighbor to the north. Mayor Randleman confirmed that the cost for the bridge over the creek was extremely high and talks with the neighboring property owner would continue.


The Council reviewed the Capital Improvement Plan with department heads.

Police: All capital expenses will come from Local Optional Sales and Service Tax (LOSST) Two replacement vehicles will be purchased next years to catch the department up on the vehicle rotation. The grant obligation for the School Resource Officer (SRO) will be paid from LOSST, but afterwards would likely be paid from general fund. There are large IT expenses next year replacing a server and additional storage capacity for body camera video.

Fire: The Council will be considering a LOSST bond note soon that will contribute $405,000 to pay for the addition, $480,000 for a replacement fire pumper truck, and $212,000 for an ambulance. Written quotes for the fire truck were shared with the Council. There will be some return value on the fire pumper truck and ambulance when traded in or sold to another department. The annual payment for the LOSST bond will take most of the department’s share of the LOSST funds. Lent noted that some larger expenses (EKG Monitor and Air packs) will be coming in about five years, and Chief Glover noted that an ambulance will be rotated out in five years too needing a replacement. The LOSST bond will be callable in five years to allow for refinancing, which may provide additional funds for this equipment.

Library: Not much on the CIP for the Library as they were still trying to plan for any future expansion that may include purchase of real estate. Further discussion with Library Foundation and Council will be needed.

Parks: Frost noted some items that will be needed at South Park: two hydrants and possible overlay of parking and driveways; and at the Aquatic Center. Lent noted that he had talked with the property owner to the north about purchase of land, but she had indicated they were not ready to sell yet.

Economic Development: Lent noted that he had included $20,000 for an annexation study that was part of the Council goals since housing developments were pushing to the current city limits. Lucas Casey from SEH Consultants had given him a quote for the study and was present at the meeting. Casey noted that the study would cover items up to the legal proceedings for annexation. Lent noted that he had quotes for a zoning code revamp from the MPO and a downtown parking study from Fox Engineering and would be pursuing a Warren County Philanthropic Grant for one or both of these items.

City Hall: CIP items included repairing the PAC lights on the exterior of the city hall, updating the city hall phone system, and replacement of the city administrator computer.

Streets:  Lent showed the Council the preliminary cost estimate for the Scotch Ridge Road intersection showing an estimate of just over $3 million. Jeff Schug from McClure Engineering will be submitting an application for federal assistance at 60 percent with the MPO. This will still mean the City cost will be $1.2 million. Lent stated that he will begin looking at options from saving the entire LOSST allocation for streets for the project or half of the allocation so that other streets may be improved until the Scotch Ridge Road intersection project comes up in FY 2021. Goodhue noted that Lent had put $50,000 of the LOSST allocation for sidewalks, but did not put anything in for future years. Lent noted that it should have been in the future years. O’Braza reviewed other street CIP items with the Council.

Water: O’Braza reviewed the water CIP with the Council. A major project coming up is the NW water main extension from Scotch Ridge Business Park to General Mills. Other items for next year included a replacement compound meter for the trailer park and a bulk water vending system that takes dollar bills instead of just coins.

Sewer: O’Braza reviewed the sewer CIP with the Council. Next year items include replacing the sewer jetter and continuing slip lining.

Electric: Miller reviewed the electric CIP with the Council. They will be looking at purchasing a used backhoe next year as the old backhoe has a dangerous brake system. The department will also be purchasing a backup transformer that can be used for three places that have large power uses and may need the backup in the future.

Merrifield asked if something were included for the Fleming Dam on the trail. Lent stated that nothing was added at this time since a fix was still unknown. Rob Fleming will be getting some soil tests done to figure out where the erosion was coming from. An immediate fix was not needed at this time.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Hammerand second by Goodhue to adjourn at 6:55 p.m., carried unanimously on a roll call vote.


Ruth Randleman, Mayor



_________                  ___

Kay Black, Deputy Clerk