Minutes, Special City Council Meeting, 21 January 2017



Saturday, 21 January 2017, 8:00 A.M.

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber

195 North First Street, Carlisle, Iowa

Elected Officials present were Mayor Ruth Randleman and Council Members Rob VanRyswyk, Dan McCulloch, Eric Goodhue, Doug Hammerand, and Drew Merrifield constituting a quorum. Also present were City Administrator Andy Lent, Park Superintendent Ronda Frost, Library Director Stacy Goodhue, Police Chief Eric Spring, EMS/FIRE Chief Cory Glover and Deputy Clerk Kay Black. Mayor Randleman called the meeting to order at 8:00 am.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The purpose of the special session was to review the general fund budget for FY 2018. Lent explained that the taxable valuation for the city increased by 4.55 percent, which was the highest in four years. In planning the general fund budget, most salaries were limited to a 2.75 percent increase except for the police, which was three percent due to step increases. The general fund liability insurance, employment taxes and benefits continue to not be fully levied, which takes from the operational funds of the general fund. The city does not expect a huge increase in liability or health insurance for next year. The current deficit between revenue and expenditures is $80,000.

Fire Chief Glover presented his proposed budget to the Council. He is proposing to move the EMS workers to a 12-hour shift on Friday and Saturday, removing those stipends except for the driver. The EMT would be at the station while the driver would be on call. The increase from how it is being run now is $5,500. All capital expenditures would be covered under the LOSST revenue.

Police Chief Eric Spring presented his proposed budget for FY2018. The largest increase would be for the School Resource Officer, however, the cost for the SRO was covered under $40,000 from the COPS grant, $20,000 from the school district and $20,000 from LOSST. All capital expenditures to be covered under the LOSST revenue.

Librarian Stacy Goodhue along with Duane Johnson and Rick Roghair, Library Board members presented the Library’s proposed budget for FY2018. She asked for an increase in the budget about $14,000 more than currently planned to assist in boosting the salaries of the library employees. Goodhue presented information from metro area cities and similar sized cities that showed the library employees were well underpaid comparatively. Also, patron used indicated that the Carlisle Library is more heavily used than other libraries.

Parks Superintendent Ronda Frost presented the FY2018 budget proposal for the Parks Department. The most significant increases were $4,000 more for the 4th of July fireworks to have an outside company do the fireworks. There have been far too many close calls to have the fire department continue to do the display. Other significant increases were the $3,500 wetland monitoring for the Scotch Ridge Park improvements, $3,000 for signs and markers along the trail, $4,000 for park improvements, and $4,868 commitment from the Council for the Water Trails Phase 1 engineering study through the MPO.

City Administrator Lent covered the Economic Development, Planning and Zoning , City Hall, and other smaller remaining areas of the general fund. He is planning an increase to $1,000 in dues to the Chamber and $6,250 increase in capital expenditures for the PAC lights on city hall, the phone system upgrade, and one replacement computer. The economic development area included $20,000 for an annexation study, which was a strategic planning goal of the Council and a $2,000 increase in WCEDC dues. The economic development area also included $5,000 to the Hometown Pride program with WCEDC to assist in grant programming. The Planning and Zoning area included revamping the zoning ordinance cost of $8,000 which was offset by a $5,000 Warren County Philanthropic Partnership grant, if awarded.

Council agreed that the option for 12-hour shifts for the EMTs should be included in the budget. They also agreed that the library allocated amount should be increased by $10,000. The annexation study should also be spent from reserves. The remaining deficit will be addressed by increasing the general liability insurance by 15 cents.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Goodhue second by Hammerand to adjourn at 11:55 a.m., carried unanimously on a roll call vote.



Ruth Randleman, Mayor

_________                  ___

Kay Black, Deputy Clerk