Minutes, Special Carlisle City Council Meeting, 1 August 2016



Monday, 01 August 2016, 6:30 P.M.

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber

195 North First Street, Carlisle, Iowa

Elected Officials present were Mayor Ruth Randleman and Council Members Rob VanRyswyk, Dan McCulloch, Eric Goodhue, Doug Hammerand and Drew Merrifield constituting a quorum. Also present were City Administrator Andy Lent and Public Works Superintendent Steve O’Braza. Mayor Randleman called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.



Motion by Goodhue, seconded by VanRyswyk to approve hire of April Abbas as police officer at rate of $22.30 per hour. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote. Mayor Randleman led Officer Abbas with reciting the police officer oath.

John Gade from Fox Engineering reviewed the preliminary design memo that he prepared for the NW Water Main Extension project. The proposed route will follow the sewer easement on the Beasley Farms property to 52nd Street and north on the east side of 52nd Street to 64th Avenue intersection then a short distance west to the IDOT driveway. Connections will be made by General Mills and IDOT at their cost under a development agreement with the city. Merrifield and Hammerand wondered if the city could supply enough water as General Mills uses about 20,000 gallons of water a day and O’Braza said that there was plenty of supply from the city. McCulloch asked about disruption to residents. Gade figured the construction to be a two-month process. Most of the pipe will be in the 52nd right-of-way, but there will be some road closures to accommodate the project. Goodhue wondered if it would better for the main to be on the west side of 52nd Street. Gade thought there would be increased cost for the number of driveways they would need to cross, but he will look into that. There are some fiber optic cables on the east side, but there would be plenty of separation between them and the water main.

Susanne Gerlach from Public Finance Management reviewed a cashflow she had done comparing a 10-year revenue bond issue and a 15-year revenue bond issue. She thought there might be a chance to apply for State Revolving Loan funds with the development agreement with General Mills. This will give a lower interest rate than the market. The 15-year revenue bond note will have a higher total interest cost, but will have lower annual payments. She anticipates a 6% rate increase each year following the 18% increase this year. The 10-year revenue bond note will have higher annual payments, but a lower overall interest cost. The annual increases would be 8% each year following this year. Gerlach pointed out that the 18% increase was a $1 per thousand increase ($5 monthly for an average monthly use of 5,000 gallons), the 6% increase would be about 40 cents ($2 monthly for an average use of 5,000 gallons), and the 8% would be around 60 cents ($3 monthly for an average use of 5,000 gallons).

Lent explained the connection fees for the NW Connection District would be $2,948 per acre for each connection. This would be about $76,094.if everyone was to connect. The residents would not be required to connect if they had another good source of potable water or if they sold their property. Goodhue felt that this was too burdensome for the current residents and not many would want to connect. He felt that the existing homes should only need to pay a standard connection fee and the construction cost for the service line. General consensus from the Council agreed with this idea. Council members also felt that the extension on 72nd Avenue was not needed since only one person was at the workshop and the added cost was about $200,000. They asked if Lent could do an informal survey of these residents to see if they would want to connect.

Lent reviewed the anticipated agreements with the Iowa Department of Transportation and General Mills. He and Bob Stuyvesant will be meeting with General Mills on Monday to discuss the agreement. In both cases, the city contractor will do the work and the cost will be reimbursed by IDOT and General Mills.

Lent explained that Mayor Randleman and he had met with Joe Pietruszynski from Hubbell and Jeff Schug and Brad Brockman from McClure Engineering. Hubbell is looking at changing the layout for their next plat to include duplex housing and moving some single family homes closer together. Council supported this idea.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Goodhue second by McCulloch to adjourn at 8:36 p.m., carried unanimously on a roll call vote.


Ruth Randleman, Mayor


Andrew J. Lent, City Administrator/Clerk