Minutes, Planning and Zoning Commission, 17 April 2017





17 April 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT: Corey Oelberg, Bryan Holden, Jon Lins, Becky Peterson

MEMBERS ABSENT:, Angi Bruce, Howard Goodhue, Dane Wright

Chair Oelberg called the meeting to order at7:03 PM. A roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum existed.

Motion by Peterson, seconded by Lins to approve minutes from 20 February and 20 March 2017 was not in packet. Motion carried unanimously.

At 7:05 PM, Chair Oelberg opened the public hearing on the second Planned Unit Amendment for Danamere Farms submitted by Hubbell Development. Caleb Smith from McClure Engineering presented a proposed 2nd amendment to the Planned Unit Development for Danamere Farms residential area developed by Hubbell Realty. Changes were needed due to rising costs for planning of infrastructure. Changes include changing the street planned to extend to the land to the south and doing a cul-de-sac to the right of that road.

John Gade explained a review letter from Fox Engineering dated April 7, 2017. The change adds 22 units to the development. However, the overall decrease for Danamere was 95 units when considering the change involving the apartment buildings in Parcel A that were made into rental townhomes. Gade then explained their concern about the connection for Blazing Star Drive which was the connecting road to the south. The connecting road to the south in the proposal now would go up a hill. He wondered if the now planned cul-de-sac could be extended to the south. Smith explained that the change helps to save costs for the developer and for the city in future maintenance in the low lying area. Without extending the cul-de-sac, the end of the road could be raised to allow the sanitary sewer to flow to the northwest instead of having it extend to the east behind the houses in the proposed Parcel D. The other major concern was a sidewalk or trail following along Scotch Ridge Road. Smith noted that the development plans for the Scotch Ridge Road intersection shows a trail on the west side of Scotch Ridge. A trail on the east side seems unnecessary. Gade also noted that a landscape master plan is needed for the development from Hubbell. At 7:41 PM, Motion by Holden, seconded by Lins to closed the public hearing. Motion carried unanimously.

Holden expressed his concern that no one was here to represent Hubbell Realty when the members of the Commission are volunteering their time to be at the meeting. Discussion took place on whether the proposed change fit in with the future development of the city. Also concern about an extension of the dead end street, if Parcel D is done next. Special permission would need to be granted by the fire chief and the Council to allow that extension. This concern would come up with the submission and review of the construction plans. Smith noted that the development may stall out because the market demand is more for the houses on Parcel D.

Motion by Peterson, seconded by Holden to recommend approval to Council of the second Planned Unit Amendment for Danamere Farms submitted by Hubbell Development with the switch of the cul-de-sac and through street, asking Hubbell to make a bond commitment on a sidewalk on the east side of Scotch Ridge Road, and a landscape master plan for the open areas of the housing development. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Motion by Lins, seconded by Oelberg to recommend to Council approval of the waiver for metal siding facing the public right-of-way for a building at 210 Jefferson Street to be built by Richard Rector. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

The Commission reviewed the proposal submitted by Gary and Carol Anne Tracy for a building on the empty lot at 30 Market Street currently owned by the City of Carlisle. The house and lot was purchased by city and the house was demolished. Several things would need to be approved such as a site plan review, setback variance of 50 feet from neighboring residences and the metal siding. The current zoning is C-3 Central Business District, although it is surrounded by M-1, Restricted Industrial District. Consensus from the Commission was that the concept fit in with the surrounding neighborhood.

No further business was necessary and on a motion by Lins, seconded by Holden the meeting was adjourned at 8:31 PM on a unanimous vote.

Respectfully Submitted,

Andrew J. Lent

City Administrator