Minutes, Carlisle Planning and Zoning Commission, 20 February 2017





20 February 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT: Corey Oelberg, Bryan Holden, Jon Lins, Howard Goodhue, Angi Bruce

MEMBERS ABSENT: Dane Wright, Becky Peterson,

ALSO PRESENT: City Administrator Andrew Lent; Doug Graham, Union Pacific; Mitch Holtz, Fox Engineering, Don Bartholomew, Bartholomew Construction; Ron Groskreutz, Heartland Coop

Chair Oelberg called the meeting to order at 7:03. A roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum existed.

Motion by Holden seconded by Bruce to approve the minutes for 20 February 2017. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Holden to retain the same officers. Motion carried unanimously.

Lent explained that the ordinance in the packet had been approved by the City Council before the ordinances were re-codified. Iowa Codification missed including this ordinance, so they are advising that it be readopted to be included in the new set of ordinances. Motion by Holden, seconded by Goodhue to recommend to the City Council to adopt the ordinance banning junkyards as a permissible use in a M-2, General Industrial District. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Eric Nikkel from Snyder and Associates reviewed the site plan for improvements at 235 Garfield. RMP Speed, LLC will be using the building where Mike’s Corvette was located for basically the same type of business as previously housed there. They will be adding concrete and a parking area in front of the building. One thing that will need to be determined is which part of the building is the front. The north side appears to have a right-of-way, but the west side, which seems to be the front, faces the school bus yard. Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Holden to recommend to the City Council approval of the site plan for 235 Garfield. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Ron Groskreutz, Heartland Coop, reviewed the site plan for the Grain Storage Bins at Heartland Coop at 5550 SE 64th Avenue. Heartland Coop is constructing two large grain bins in front of the elevators. Because the bins are over 3000 square feet, they still needed a site plan review. They are asking that they be allowed a waiver for steel siding on a building facing a public right-of-way. Two additional bins may be built in the future and they are asking that those bins be reviewed by staff only instead of a full site plan review. Motion by Lins, seconded by Oelberg to recommend to the Council approval of the site plan for two currently planned bins with a waiver for the metal siding facing public right-of-way and that staff be allowed to review the site plan for four future bins. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Don Bartholomew is requesting to build a 30 foot by 42 foot building on a large acreage at 190 School Street, which is located in an RM-1, Industrial-Residential District. The building size and setbacks appear to meet code, but he would like to have metal siding facing the public right-of-way. Lent explained that he can review the building site plan since it is under 3000 square feet, but Bartholomew will need a waiver for the metal siding. Lent suggested that the waiver would likely not cause an issue for neighboring properties considering the size of the property and that the property is locate on East School Street quite a distance from other buildings. Motion by Holden, seconded by Goodhue to recommend to Council the waiver of metal siding facing a public right-of-way for a building in a RM-1 district with notification of the property owner to the west. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Doug Graham from Union Pacific Railroad explained the project they plan to work on with General Mills and Heartland Coop. The railroad will be bringing in wind energy components and sending them out on trucks. A memorandum of understanding will be made between the railroad and the city for street maintenance.. Two railroad spurs will be laid to assist in the delivery of the wind energy components. Union Pacific has yet to submit a site plan for this development. Holtz note that the storm water prevention plan will be important to address for the project. The current agreement between the UP, General Mills, and Heartland COOP is for four years. Two variance will be needed one for the use of asphalt millings in the laydown yard and drive (City Code 165.06(4E.1)) and another 165.06(5C.2) where the front yard of a property needs to be hard surface, even with no building on the property. A site plan will be developed and reviewed prior to the next Planning and Zoning meeting in March.

No further business was necessary and on a motion by Goodhue, seconded by Lins the meeting was adjourned at 8:34 PM on a unanimous vote.

Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew J. Lent

City Administrator