Minutes, Carlisle City Council Special Meeting, 17 July 2017



Monday, 17 July, 2017; 6:00 P.M.       

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber

195 North First Street, Carlisle, Iowa

Elected Officials present were Mayor Ruth Randleman and Council Members, Drew Merrifield, Dan McCulloch, Doug Hammerand and Rob Van Ryswyk constituting a quorum. Absent was Eric Goodhue. Also present were City Attorney Robert Stuyvesant, City Administrator Andy Lent and City Clerk Martha Becker. Mayor Randleman called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Motion by Merrifield, seconded by Hammerand to approve the hire of Logan Fredell as a lifeguard at $9.00 per hour retroactive June 23rd 2017.  Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Merrifield to approve the hire of Claire Birchmeier for concessions at $7.50 per hour retroactive June 23rd, 2017. Motion carried unanimously on a rollcall vote.

Motion by VanRyswyk, seconded by McCulloch to compensate Diane Wallace, bus driver, in the amount of $238.50. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Zach Young from the MPO presented information to Council regarding the sidewalk program. Mayor noted that MPO is contracted at $40.00 per hour and that an awarded AARP Grant will go towards this cost.

Young informed Council that the sidewalk committee has met four times to review the existing ordinance and look sidewalk ordinances from other cities as models.

The following changes were proposed:


Complete street policy was added in.


Pedestrian Friendly and Walkability: added crosswalks, trailheads and transportation.

Mayor noted that the sidewalk and trailhead will have a dual purpose. For example, if there is snow on the trail, the abutting property is responsible for the removal. The width minimum for residential is five feet and commercial is ten feet.


Added language to include the trail and a 48 hour notice to remove snow.


Annual inspections of sidewalks will be done by zone and on a five year cycle. Sidewalks in need of immediate repairs can be repaired outside of the annual cycle. A timeline was included as well.


Added order of repairs


Property owners are not responsible for ADA approaches to sidewalks.


Added replacing sidewalks in existing neighborhoods.

There was further discussion by Council regarding the proposed changes to the sidewalk ordinance.

Council and Mayor thanked the sidewalk committee for their time.

Lent discussed with Council that the main question that the committee asked was what they would require. He explained that if just one panel on the sidewalk or less than 50% was to be repaired than they would require a four foot wide minimum replacement section. If more than 50% of the sidewalk was to be repaired than the requirement would be 5 foot wide. The fact that there are a few 3 foot sidewalks was brought up and what width they would need to be to stay compliant. There was further discussion from Council regarding the width requirement. Any 3-foot sidewalk replacement would need to be 4-feet wide to be compliant.

Lent noted that Zone 1 would need to be looked at to determine what was needed for repairs as well as sidewalks that go nowhere. He will investigate what needs repaired and the committee will bring their findings back to Council. He will also keep track of where they need sidewalks and how to approach that.

Lent spoke to Council regarding FY2017 sidewalk funds and possibly installing a sidewalk from North Park to north of the bridge. Lent noted that we are one year into collecting LOSST revenue and since we are just starting the sidewalk program there will be some funds for work to be completed. McClure engineering put together some figures to run a sidewalk along North Park from the bridge at 10-foot wide. The cost would be about $120,000 which would cause us to go out for bid as it is more than what the city has. Lent recommended to install a sidewalk trail from the bridge to the first driveway south of the bridge. There was further discussion from Council. The concensus was to not take action on this item at this time since there were several other areas that the sidewalk money could be spent.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Hammerand, second by VanRyswyk to adjourn at 6:47 P.M. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.


Ruth Randleman, Mayor

________                    ___

Martha Becker, City Clerk