Minutes, Carlisle City Council Regular Meeting, 10 July 2017



Monday, 10 July, 2017; 6:30 P.M.       

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber

195 North First Street, Carlisle, Iowa

Elected Officials present were Mayor Ruth Randleman and Council Members, Drew Merrifield, Dan McCulloch and Doug Hammerand constituting a quorum. Absent was Eric Goodhue and Rob Van Ryswyk. Also present were City Attorney Robert Stuyvesant, City Administrator Andy Lent, City Clerk Martha Becker, Public Works Superintendent Steve O’Braza, Parks and Rec Superintendent Ronda Frost and Lt. Matt Koch. Library Director Stacy Goodhue and Electric Superintendent Don Miller were absent. Mayor Randleman called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The Mayor presented Years of Service awards to following employees:

Matt Koch                   10 years                       Police Department

Dylan Knudsen           10 years                       Public Works

Ray Walker                 10 years                       Electric



Motion by Hammerand, seconded by McCulloch to APPROVE THE FOLLOWING CONSENT ITEMS:

  • Approve Regular City Council Minutes for 26 June 2017
  • Approve Setting Public Hearing for Sale of Property at 30 Market Street for Monday, July 24, 2017 at 6:30 PM
  • Approve RESOLUTION 201707106 TO APPROVE TAX ABATEMENT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW RESIDENTIAL DWELLING (David Sprouse, 1200 Blue Bonnet Drive) contingent that all the information be filled out on the application.
  • Receive and File MEAN Audit for FY2017
  • Receive and File MEAN Financial Statements for April 2017Discussion took place on the tax abatement application for 1200 Blue Bonnet Drive. Hammerand asked why the applicant put N/A on three of the questions on the abatement form. Stuyvesant replied that he was getting that information from the applicant. There was discussion from Council that the application needed to be filled out in its entirety. Merrifield questioned why the application does request a date and would like that added to the form.

Ayes: McCulloch, Hammerand. Nays: Merrifield.   Motion carried on roll call vote.



Motion by McCulloch, seconded by Hammerand to approve bills in the amount of $91,125.50. McCulloch noted that the 3E invoice should have been charged to the Water fund and not the Road Use Tax fund. O’Braza replied that he erroneously charged the invoice to the wrong account.  The changes will be made to correct the funds. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: None


Elizabeth Presutti, the Executive Director of DART presented the DART governance and 28E agreement to Council. Presutti informed Council of four primary changes to the agreement which are representation, voting, committees and officers. Presutti also noted that they will review the composition of the Commission after two years. Mayor asked about the possible timeframe of funding. Presutti replied that DART has hired a consultant to review the funding and that will take place this summer. This does not change the withdrawal status.

Merrifield asked when the two year review of the composition of the Commission will start and Presutti answered that it will start in October 2017. Merrifield also asked about the consultants that are doing the funding review.  Presutti responded that they are looking for options that allow for growth and a funding source that has growth. The consultants will be looking at a variety of options to model from. The consultants are experts at funding and modeling.

McCulloch inquired about the withdrawal terminology and Presutti confirmed that the withdrawal status has not changed. McCulloch also asked about the buy down property tax rate that was mentioned in the agreement. Presutti noted that if a community wants to contribute dollars from another source like their general fund, they can buy it down with their property tax rate. The City of Des Moines has a fund that can only be used for transit and they take a portion of that money every year and they buy down their rate.

Motion by Hammerand, Seconded by Merrifield to approve RESOLUTION 2017071007, AUTHORIZING THE APPROVAL AND EXECUTION OF AND DELIVERY OF THE SUBSTITUTED AND RESTATED 28E AGREEMENT OF THE DES MOINES REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY. Hammerand asked if the resolution doesn’t pass will it be tabled and Stuyvesant answered yes. Motion carried unanimously on roll call.

Mayor spoke to Council about the resolution to select a person to serve as commissioner and an alternate for DART. The Mayor and Lent will serve as commissioner and alternate. McCulloch asked when the meetings were held and Presutti replied that they are on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 12:00 p.m. Mayor issued an invitation to attend the meetings regarding the process with consulting firm as they are public meetings. Merrifield asked when those meetings were held and Presutti noted they would be held the end of July, the beginning of September, and the beginning of October. Merrifield also asked about the cost of study and Presutti answered $150,000.00.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Merrifield to approve RESOLUTION 2017071008 SELECTING PERSONS TO SERVE AS COMMISSIONER AND ALTERNATE FOR THE DES MOINES REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY (DART). Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Lent spoke to Council about implementing a policy for the private service line installation payback which in connection with the NW water main project. Mayor noted that Council would be formalizing something that they had consensus on. Merrifield asked if this was on the five year sliding scale and Lent replied yes. Stuyvesant asked for clarification of the policy. Lent explained that the first year to hook up was free and each year after the first year, homeowners will be paying according to the sliding scale. Mayor asked that once approved that the policy and the sliding scale be mailed to each homeowner affected. Doug Walker of 7650 SE 52nd Street asked what the anniversary date will be for the first year hook up. Council replied that it will start when the project is completed.

Motion by McCulloch, seconded by Hammerand to approve the Policy for Private Water Service Line Payback In Connection With NW Water Main Project. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Stuyvesant provided Council with a drawing and legal description of the trail section denoting the easement to be donated by the Fleming family for the Carlisle Nature Trail. Merrifield asked if the easement was granted as a stipulation of the trail. Stuyvesant replied that it is an easement and not a deed. McCulloch asked who maintains the trail and Stuyvesant replied that the City does. Hammerand asked about hunters and how that would affect the trail users. Stuyvesant said the city cannot control what happens on the private property surrounding the trail.

Motion by McCulloch, seconded by Hammerand to approve Resolution 2017071012 to Accept Trail Easement from Danamere Farms, Inc. subject to hearing from Fleming’s attorney. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Lent explained to Council that the city was awarded a Derelict Building Grant through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and that the city will enter into an agreement with IDNR for the program. The grant will be used towards deconstructing the building at 25 School Street. The city will receive a minimum amount of $3,346.25 and up to $6,692.50 as more material is recycled and diverted from the landfills. Lent will work with the contractors on the project.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by McCulloch to approve RESOLUTION 2017071009 APPROVING AGREEMENT WITH IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES TO DECONSTRUCT BUILDING AT 25 SCHOOL STREET. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Lent went over the budgeted year end transfer of funds for FY2017 with Council.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by McCulloch to approve RESOLUTION 2017071010 APPROVING CERTAIN TRANSFERS OF FUNDS. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by McCulloch to approve RESOLUTION 2017071011 APPROVING AGREEMENT REGARDING THE USE OF THE CITY OF CARLISLE COMMUNITY HALL BY THE WARREN COUNTY NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Merrifield to Table the Third Reading AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF CARLISLE, IOWA BY AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO ANIMAL PROTECTION AND CONTROL. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Council discussed how the first 4th of July proceeded under the new fireworks ordinance.  Hammerand asked that the discussion and review of the fireworks be added to the next regular Council meeting. Lt. Koch spoke to Council regarding complaints received about fireworks. Koch noted that the biggest complaint was that people were not aware of the fireworks time and date restrictions. The majority thought it was ending on the 4th and not extended to the 8th of July. Hammerand expressed that he thinks our window is too wide and that fireworks should be limited to July 1st-July 4th. Merrifield expressed that he thought the 4th went fairly well. He received two complaints but citizens were not willing to make their names public. Merrifield noted that he doesn’t think complaints should be legitimate if no names are given. Mayor said she received one complaint about smoke. McCulloch said the EPA sent out a warning about health conditions regarding excessive smoke. Lent replied that he received a complaint via the City’s Facebook page from Travis Goldsberry. He also noted that Facebook postings indicated that some dogs ran off due to the noise. McCulloch asked if the low attendance at the 4th of July fireworks in the park was down due to people being able to let off their own. Frost didn’t feel that that was a contributor. Mayor asked if the complaints were on the 4th.  Koch replied that most complaints were before and after the 4th.



− Police-Written Report:

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by McCulloch to consider Approval of Mayor’s Appointment of Lt. Matt Koch as Interim Police Chief at Annual Salary of $76,027.00 retroactively to June 27th 2017. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote

Koch spoke to Council about Shelly Nelson returning to work for the city. Nelson indicated she would like to come back full time. Lent noted that her rate of pay will need to be changed to $17.93 for FY18. McCulloch asked if her benefits were going to be reset. Merrifield also asked if her length of time was accumulative or would she start over. There was discussion that her benefits would be reset. Frost noted that for associate moral this might be misunderstood.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Merrifield to consider Approval of Hire of Shelly Nelson as Full-time Records Clerk at Rate of $17.93 per hour Retroactively to July 3, 2017 and that benefits will be reset. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote.

Council discussed declaring the 2010 Ford Explorer as surplus property and be transferred to the Parks department. Frost explained that the Parks department has a truck that has been used by the Beautification Committee to water flowers. The truck has broken down several times. Frost said the Parks Department will take the Explorer and Frost’s current truck would be used by the Beautification Committee. Merrifield noted that he wants to make sure trucks are in safe operating condition before they move from one department to another.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by McCulloch to Consider Declaring 2010 Ford Explorer Surplus Property and Transfer to Parks Department. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote

− Fire/Rescue- Chief Glover was not able to attend the meeting. They are workig on the proceedings for the new radios. Merrifield asked about the concrete in front of Fire Department where someone fell. Lent said the sidewalk is being fixed. O’ Braza mentioned that they will cut the section of concrete and feather it out.

− Electric- Written Report- There are some issues with the highway traffic lights which was addressed in Millers report.             Miller will most likely have the approval of the new hire on the next agenda. McCulloch   asked about the street lights west of town to link Gateway and Carlisle. McClure is       working on this.

− Library- No report.

− Parks and Recreation-Written Report.

Frost said the pool has been very busy and they have only had one rain day. Merrifield asked       what other cities charge for pool admission and Frost replied around $7.00 per person. Mayor inquired about the recent police call to the pool. Frost noted that it was taken care of. There will be a Read and Swim on Saturday the 15th and Movies at the Pool on July 21st.         Frost also updated Council about the August 5th run that will take place. The July 1st race        went well. Hammerand mentioned that they had several out of town people that didn’t          know about the trail and he felt it was good coverage for the city. McCulloch asked that        Frost do a comparison on the new chemical machine from the previous machine.    Frost gave             a kudos to the Public Works department for mosquito control. She had no complaints        about mosquitos at North Park.

-Public Works-

Mayor let Council know that the committee for the School Street Project met with the engineering firms and they picked two firms; McClure and Associates and Schneider and Associates. Lent proposed that Council meet with the two firms at a special meeting. Lent asked for some time at the special meeting for the annexation to be discussed. Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Merrifield to approve the School Street Engineering Proposals and Set a Special Workshop for July 31st at 6:30 to discuss firms and the annexation. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote

O’Braza informed Council that he had his first progress meeting on the new water line installation and that things are going well. Stuyvesant expressed concerns that Veterans Memorial Drive is undermining. O’Braza will check with McClure to see where they are at with checking that area. There was further discussion from Council on how to fix the undermining. O’Braza wants to see what McClure comes up with before making a decision on how to fix it. McCulloch asked if the previous work was under warranty when they mud jacked. O’Braza replied that the mud jack needs to be mixed properly in order for it to work. McCulloch expressed that he was happy to see potholes getting filled. O’Braza also mentioned that they were in the process of getting the hotbox installed. McCulloch employed full disclosure that he had been in contact with the Mayor and Lent about refilling holes. He would like to see construction to fix the holes rather than just filling them. Lent replied that the streets are a problem and LOSST money will be used in FY18 to start street repairs.

-City Hall/Finance/City Administrator-Lent noted that he is preparing for the upcoming audit. He let Council know he will be out of the office Wednesday through Friday and that Martha Becker and Shalee Crispen will be attending Clerks School in the next two weeks.


Merrifield mentioned the Isley project and asked that we do whatever we can do to keep project moving along. He also noted that an email correspondence pertaining to DART stated “if we wish to withdraw from DART…” and Merrifield felt it should have been worded to state that we are withdrawing. Merrifield would like UTV’s /ATV’s to be added to the next regular Council agenda. Hammerand expressed concerns on how ATV’s would be used within the city limits. Merrifield also noted that he observed the trucks in Avon for the Wind2Rail project. The time for the lead vehicle to pull onto the road and where truck entered the bypass was 4 minutes 28 seconds. Merrifield also asked that Council pay be put onto next regular Council agenda. Merrifield noted that he was misinterpreted in a discussion that the fire department will go back to manually lighting off fireworks vs lighting them electronically. They will not go back to manual. Frost noted that she heard all positive things about the fireworks display. Hammerand asked why the city didn’t use an outside company to set off fireworks. It was noted that the city was too late in getting a request to the company. Hammerand asked who contacts the fireworks company and Merrifield answered that it would be the Fire Chief. Merrifield also noted that there were no injuries this year from setting off the fireworks.

Hammerand expressed thanks to Ronda Frost, Julie Baker and Joe Knapp for all their hard work to make the 4th of July happen.

McCulloch would like to talk about streets in the future. McCulloch mentioned that Carol Isley said the parade crowd was three people deep this year in contrast to past years when it was just one or two people deep. McCulloch expressed thanks to Ronda Frost for the efforts and hard work towards the 4th of July. McCulloch also brought up the Western Gateway transition into Carlisle.

CITY ATTORNEY REPORT-Stuyvesant let Council know he would not be at the next regular meeting.

UPCOMING MEETINGS AND EVENTS – There will be two special Council meetings on the 17th and 31st in July. There is also a chamber associate meeting tomorrow from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at Cal’s. 


  • Report on Economic Impact of Arts in Des Moines Region shows are arts increase in economic development.
  • MPO Press Release Concerning Water Trails Engineering Study


ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Hammerand, second by Merrifield to adjourn at 8:42 P.M. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.



Ruth Randleman, Mayor


________                    ___

Martha Becker, City Clerk