Minutes, Carlisle City Council Regular Meeting, 10 April 2017



Monday, 10 April 2017; 6:30 P.M.       

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber

195 North First Street, Carlisle, Iowa

Elected Officials present were Mayor Ruth Randleman and Council Members Rob VanRyswyk, Eric Goodhue, Drew Merrifield, Doug Hammerand and Dan McCulloch constituting a quorum. Also present were City Attorney Robert Stuyvesant, City Administrator Andy Lent, Police Chief Eric Spring, Electric Superintendent Don Miller, Parks and Rec Superintendent Ronda Frost, and City Clerk Martha Becker. Public Works Superintendent Steve O’Braza was absent. Mayor Randleman called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Motion by Goodhue, second by McCulloch, to APPROVE THE FOLLOWING CONSENT ITEMS:

  • Approve Regular City Council Minutes for 27 March 2017
  • Receive and File MEAN Financials for February 2017


Motion by Hammerand, seconded by VanRyswyk to approve bills in the amount of $41,292.04.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by VanRyswyk to approve the pay estimate #9 for Carlisle Fire Station Addition Project in Amount of $44,669.70 to Ball Team Inc. Motion carried unanimously on roll call vote. Goodhue asked if this was the last of the payments.  Lent replied that this and the retainer were all that was left.

Motion made by McCulloch, Seconded by Goodhue to approval pay estimate #10 for Carlisle Fire Station Addition Project in the Amount of $2,594.00 to Ball Team Inc.

Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.



At 6:34 P.M. Mayor Randleman opened the hearing for the 5th Street Culvert Replacement Project. Lent noted that there were no written or oral comments submitted to City Hall.

Mcculloch commented that he was happy that the McClure Engineering spoke with David Doss regarding the project.

Motion by McCulloch, Seconded by Hammerand to close the public hearing at 6:35 P.M. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Justin Miller from McClure Engineering spoke with council regarding the bids for the South 5th Street project. Five bids were received on April 5th 2017 at the Carlisle City Hall. The low bid was from J & K Contracting, LLC located in Ames, Iowa for the amount of $242,980.00.  Goodhue asked McClure Engineering if they had any past experience with J & K Contracting and if they had a good reputation.  McClure replied that they have had experience working with them and it’s been a good experience.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by McCulloch to approve Resolution 2017041001 A RESOLUTION ADOPTING PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, FORM OF CONTRACT AND ESTIMATED COST FOR THE SOUTH 5TH STREET CULVERT REPLACMENT PROJECT. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Hammerand asked if there was a way for a City to find out if there are issues with a contractor. McClure Engineering replied that they go on experience or contact other cities that have used a particular contractor to find out information. Hammerand also asked if the City must legally take low bid if the contractor does not have a good reputation. McClure informed Hammerand that the City could make its own reference checks if needed.  Robert Stuyvesant added that the City could look at bid to see if there were major discrepancies in the bid amounts and that the City has approval to change if the original bidder makes a low bid and then changes the original number. Lent added that he and McClure engineering do their own checks to ensure bidders are satisfactory. McCulloch also added that google.com/scholar was a reputable source for gathering information on a company.

Robert Stuyvesant asked how far back the culvert would be shaved off. Justin Miller replied it would be downstream 150 feet. Merrifield asked what material was being used at the corner. Miller answered that they were using a gabion mattress to make a better shape and keep everything in place. This is a common practice for erosion control.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by McCulloch to approve Resolution 2017041002 A RESOLUTION MAKING AWARD OF CONTRACT FOR THE SOUTH 5TH STREET CULVERT REPLACEMENT PROJECT. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Ronda Frost spoke with council about the lease contract between the City of Carlisle and Three Rivers Church for the use of the Recreation Center on Sunday mornings. Goodhue asked for a better interpretation of the term “deep cleaning” that was mentioned in the contract. Hammerand asked for a correction on the Resolution to reflect a full year. Merrifield asked if $15.00 per hour was enough to charge for the rental and if we needed to increase this to cover running costs. Frost said it is a topic but hasn’t been discussed yet.   Frost commented that the church does clean when they come in the day of service. Randleman added that the center is not clean from night before. Merrifield wanted to clarify that the cleaning from the night before is not being done by the renters and is the renter’s responsibility. McCulloch recommend that someone checks the center after a function. Frost said this can be challenging due to both the Recreation Center and the Community Center having functions on the same nights. McCulloch asked if the complaint was from the church. Frost replied yes. VanRyswyk mentioned that this will go to the Park Board first to find a solution.

VanRyswyk also suggested increasing the deposit. McCulloch recommended hiring an agency to come in after hours to clean before the church service.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to approve Resolution 2017041003 A RESOLUTION APPROVING LEASE BETWEEN THE CITY OF CARLISLE, IOWA AND THE THREE RIVERS CHURCH OF CARLISLE. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Hammerand asked if Shive Hattery will accept the payment amount of $19,457.72 from the City. Lent replied that they were okay with the amount and that the City has the agreement in writing. Hammerand also asked if Shive Hattery would be able to come back and get additional fees if this went to court. Robert Stuyvesant said additional fees were possible. Randleman added that we did get it in writing and recommends we pass the resolution. Goodhue did express concerns that the City may gain a bad reputation for not paying the full amount. Merrifield added that the City did have a contract with Shive Hattery and they were obligated to provide documentation which they did.

Randleman asked if Shive Hattery went above and beyond with the project and Lent replied that they gave us a good product.

Motion by VanRyswyk, seconded by Goodhue to approve Resolution 2017041004, A RESOLUTION APPROVING AMENDMENT TO AGREEMENT FOR ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES FOR CARLISLE FIRE STATION ADDITION (Increase of $19,457.72). Ayes: VanRyswyk, McCulloch, Goodhue, Hammerand. Nays: Merrifield. Motion carried on a roll call vote.

Discussion took place on the water revenue bond note planned for the NW water main extension/ Merrifield commented that he wants to be an advocate for the citizens and asked that once the loan is done, the water rate could drop back to original amount.   The answer was the discussion can be held at the end of the loan payback in 10 years.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Van Ryswyk to approve Resolution 2017041005, A RESOLUTION FIXING DATE FOR A MEETING ON THE AUTHORIZATION OF A LOAN AGREEMENT AND THE ISSUNCE OF NOT TO EXCEED $1,200,000 WATER REVENUE CAPITAL LOAN NOTES, OF THE CITY OF CARLISLE, STATE OF IOWA, AND PROVIDING FOR PUBLICATION OF NOTICE THEREOF (6:30 PM, 24 April 2017, Carlisle City Hall) Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Lent explained to Council that this resolution is passed in case the City has expenses that need to be reimbursed prior to construction and that no construction will be done before the loan approval. Goodhue asked what would happen if we pay for easements and then decide not to do it. Lent replied that the easements could be agreed contingent on construction and that he has been talking with Beasley, Heartland Coop and Carroll Hunter on the easements and the costs.


PFM helped with the proposed water rate change. Merrifield asked if there was any other way to make up the difference other than raising water rates. Lent replied it is better to raise them in small increments instead of a large increase at once.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Goodhue to approve the first reading and not waive the 2nd and 3rd reading of AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF CARLISLE, IOWA, BY AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO WATER RATES. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

A discussion was held on a proposed rate increase for solid waste collection. Lent explained that the Council approved a three-year contract with Waste Management that will increase the rate charged to the City by 50 cents over that three year period, so the increase was to raise the rate by 50 cents now. Merrifield asked if the City charged above the actual fees to the citizens. Lent replied that we do to cover administration costs and fees.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to approve the first reading and not waive the 2nd and 3rd reading of AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF CARLISLE, IOWA, BY AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO SOLID WASTE COLLECTION FEES.  Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.


  • Police- The hiring process is slow. Lent and Spring met with the school to see about the grant to hire a school resource officer but this may wait until next calendar year. The new hire for the Police Department will be on the first council meeting in May. Downing graduates ILEA on April 14.
  • Fire/Rescue- The Fire Department took bids for the Second Out Ambulance and they went with the bid from Massena. The bid is contingent on the department getting a new first out ambulance. Hammerand asked if the bid was good and the response was that this was a very good price. The $45,000.00 will go into Fund 300 (Capital Expenditures). Randleman asked if we could retire any debt with the money and if it was something to consider. Lent replied that we could put the money into the debt fund. Randleman asked if it would impact our debt service levy and Lent said no. She asked if it will retire the bond quicker and Lent replied no. Hammerand asked if we could put the money into a fund for equipment and Lent replied that Fund 300 is specified for equipment. Goodhue liked the idea of not earmarking the money but setting it aside for future vehicle purchases. A motion was made by Goodhue, Seconded by Merrifield to sell the Second Out ambulance contingent on the Fire department receiving a new ambulance to Massena Fire and Rescue for $45,000. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.
  • Electric-McCulloch inquired about the median lights and Lent replied that the darkest areas are Mid American’s area coming up the hill. Merrifield asked Donnie about the new hire and Donnie replied it was fairly early yet and the weather hasn’t cooperated for outdoor projects.
  • Library-Stacey Goodhue had over 80 people at her Stuffed Animal Sleep over on Friday. Merrifield said congrats to the sleep over.
  • Parks and Recreation-The pool opens June 1st and they are in the process of hiring life guards. The trail counter is up until May and Ronda will get a user average for April and May and then for June, July and August. Many people want to put up memorial benches along the trail so Andy printed an aerial map of trail for reference as to where to place the benches.  The Little League and Softball games will be starting this week. Clean up day is the Wednesday the 12th.  The school kids will be doing this.  The City had a very successful Flashlight Egg Hunt with over 400 kids participating and 6,000 eggs passed out. Randleman mentioned that the Fun Run on August 5th will need more sponsors. Ronda also mentioned that she got a pool supervisor and it will be on next agenda.  Merrifield asked how long we get to keep the trail counter and Ronda replied that we own it.  We take it into the MPO and they pull the data.  Our counter is mounted in a post and protected from possible vandalism. The City may look into getting a second. The cost of the counter is $400.00 Merrifield added that $400.00 per camera was not a bad price and that the camera a measurable source for the trail usage.  Merrifield also commented that South Park looks really great.
  • Public Works- Written report. The water leak on Ash was discussed.   Goodhue asked if the waterline from the main to the building was the resident’s responsibility and the answer was yes.
  • City Hall/Finance/City Administrator: Wednesday is a Board of Adjustment meeting. They still need a member to fill the vacancy.


  • Drew Merrifield- No
  • Eric Goodhue-No
  • Robert Van Ryswyk-No
  • Doug Hammerand-Asked when Sidewalk Committee will meet. Meeting is on Thursday the 13th.
  • McCulloch-Would like sidewalk committee to think about sidewalks with a high pitch. Lent replied that the main task of the committee is where to start and who is paying. McCulloch thanked Andy for finding the source of a fire. He is also happy with the Street dept. for patching holes.
  • Mayor Randleman-Iowa League will have a presentation on Legislative decisions on the 11th at 7:30 am at the Botanical Center.


UPCOMING MEETINGS AND EVENTS: Board of Adjustment on Wednesday, April 12 at 6:30 PM, Park Board on Thursday, April 13 at 5:00 PM, Sidewalk Committee on Thursday, April 13 at 6:30 PM and Planning and Zoning on Monday, April 17 at 7 PM; all at city hall.

INFORMATION:    Legislative Link, 31 March and 7 April 2017 and DART Post Commission Update-April 2017

GOOD & WELFARE: Merrifield commented that he was coming into town from Scotch Ridge and saw a motorcycle cross the Hwy 5/Scotch ridge Road intersection so fast he was airborne.  Officer Abbas from the Police Department told Merrifield later that Warren Co. caught him at other end of Scotch Ridge.  He was grateful that the driver was apprehended. McCulloch appreciates all the departments.  Randleman said bus tour for Carlisle was great and was very grateful for the opportunity.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Goodhue, second by McCulloch to adjourn at 8:04 P.M. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.



Ruth Randleman, Mayor


_________                  ___

Martha Becker, City Clerk