Minutes, Carlisle City Council Meeting, 9 April 2018


Monday, 09 March 2018; 6:30 P.M

Carlisle City Hall Council Chamber, 195 N. 1st St.

Elected Officials present were Mayor Merrifield, Council Members Dan McCulloch, Eric Goodhue, Rob VanRyswyk, Josiah Doughty and Doug Hammerand constituting a quorum. Also present were City Administrator Andy Lent, City Clerk Martha Becker, Police Chief Koch, Public Works Superintendent Lavern Thompson, Parks and Recreation Superintendent Ronda Frost. Mayor Merrifield called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Todd Ashby with Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and Evan Del Val with ISG spoke to Council in regards to the water trails engineering report. Del Val presented Council with a North and Middle River Phase 1, Regional Engineering Study. Del Val highlighted two concept plans that would propose access to the water at the Scotch Ridge Nature Trail Park and at the Carlisle City Park. Del Val explained that by making the water accessible it would benefit user groups such as paddlers, park visitors, waders and anglers. Council inquired about the long term maintenance of the access points and Del Val noted that the DNR has regional programs that could help with the clean-up. Council discussed the funding for the project and Ashby noted that there could be future funding available through grants. Council asked that if by making the water more accessible would there be concerns about kids getting into the water unsupervised. Ashby explained that there would be a need to educate the public and that this could be done by signage in the area discussing what the intent of the access area is and how it should be used. There was continued discussion regarding the time frame to construct the sites as well as if there would issues with DNR permitting. Ashby noted that the timeframe was dependent on the project and gave example of upcoming projects in the metro that may have a 5-year timeframe. There was also discussion regarding funding for the proposed projects and if there were grants available or if it would be funded by the city. Ashby noted that there was possible grant money but also mentioned that some cities paid for the entire projects.


Motion by Goodhue, seconded by McCulloch to APPROVE THE FOLLOWING CONSENT ITEMS with a correction to the 26 March minutes. Council member Doughty noted that there was discussion at the 26 March meeting from Mayor regarding an upcoming trip to China sponsored by the Des Moines MPO and asked that it be included in the minutes. Mayor noted that he spoke to Lent regarding the item and that it hadn’t made it onto the agenda at that point.

Minutes were corrected to read as follows; Under Mayor and Council reports there was discussion by Mayor Merrifield regarding a 10 day trip to China sponsored by Des Moines MPO which would occur in November. The cost of the trip would be $3,000.00. Mayor noted that the city currently spends around $2,200 for the three day Washington DC trip. Mayor explained that he spoke with Pioneer that they currently do business in China and he thought this would be a good way to help Pioneer as he would meet a lot of key people. Mayor mentioned speaking with Heartland Coop as well because of the grain exports. He also mentioned the National Play Ground Compliance Group and that this might be an aspect to get a local business to conduct business with a foreign state. Mayor explained that he is asking Council for funding for the trip as he would see a benefit from it either short term or long term for the City.

  • Approve Regular City Council Minutes for 26 March 2018 with Corrections.
  • Approve Hire of Mattea Detrick as Police Clerk at a Starting Wage of $16.00 per hour with 50 Cent Per Hour Increase After Successful 6-month Probationary Period.
  • Approve Resolution 2018040901, A Tax Abatement Application for Matthew and Jamie Monson at 1315 Veterans Memorial Drive.
  • Receive and File Department Reports.

Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote


Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to approve bills in the amount of $77,667.01. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Van Ryswyk to approve corrected preauthorized disbursements for 23 January 2018 to 23 February 2018. Becker noted that there was an error on the previous grand total due to an accounting error. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to approve preauthorized disbursements for 27 February 2018 to 23 March 2018. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Ruth Randleman, 15797 Carter Street, Carlisle publicly thanked Andrew Lent for his years of service to the community. Randleman noted that the water access presentation that occurred before her is in the master trail plans and suggested that Friends of the Parks would be a good partner for this project in the future. Randleman also spoke to Council about a proposed trip to China by the Mayor that was mentioned at the 26 March meeting. Randleman noted that she had taken that trip and it was actually sponsored through the Des Moines Partnership. Randleman explained that the trip was 95 percent tourism and would have minimal return to the City. She noted that as a taxpayer she is concerned about the request due to the nature of the trip as it is geared more for tourism than as a benefit to the City. Mayor asked if Randleman spoke with Pioneer regarding the China trip and she responded that it would take a long time to develop the relationships to have those contacts. She noted that Pioneer has their own global contacts.

Matt Lane, 17379 Milo, IA 50166, Circus Fireworks spoke to Council about a possible site for his fireworks stand. Lane spoke to Todd Isley about putting his stand west of Casey’s at 1020 Gateway Drive and south of Todd Isley’s new building. Lane noted that the area is zoned C2 so it does meet zoning requirements. Council inquired if there would be concerns about the increased traffic and Lane mentioned that he would put in temporary parking by laying down a matt and overlaying that with gravel. He would remove the gravel and matt after the stand closed. Stuyvesant noted that there may be restrictions in C2 zoning regarding temporary parking and also questioned if there was an easement restriction on the use of the lane to the proposed fireworks stand. Lane asked if the previous location he inquired about was off the table or if Council would still consider this location. Council replied that the zoning requirements for that location did not comply with the City ordinance for sale of fireworks. Lane will look into the easement for that property and will get back with Council.

Kurtis Noonan, 6 Park Street, Carlisle, member of Troop 133 spoke to Council regarding a proposed project for his Eagle badge. Noonan would like to paint the fire hydrants and curbs as well as install flags at the site of the hydrant. Noonan has spoken with Anthony Rhinehart and Fire Chief Cory Glover for permission and wanted to see if there were any special permits he would need from the City for the project. Council noted that they were not aware of any special permits needed. Noonan explained that there were around 253 hydrants and he will be asking for volunteer help. He is hoping to have the project completed in June.


Mayor Merrifield opened the public hearing at 7:15 pm, A Public Hearing on Second Amendment to City of Carlisle FY2018 Fiscal Budget. Lent noted that no written or oral comments were submitted.

Lent explained that there were increases to Public Safety for ILEA training and building inspections, General Government for legal fees and Christmas wreaths, Public Works for Comp time payout for former PW superintendent and Christmas wreaths and Comp time payout for Electric Superintendent.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Doughty to close the public hearing at 7:16 pm. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to approve Resolution 2018040902, A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE SECOND AMENDMENT TO ANNUAL BUDGET FOR FY2017-2018. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Mayor requested that the agenda item pertaining to the hire of Todd Kielkopf as interim City Administrator be moved ahead. There was discussion between Council and Mayor regarding the hire of Todd Kielkopf as interim CA at a rate of $65 per hour. Mayor noted that Cassandra Halls was interested in the position and would like Council to interview both Todd Kielkopf and Cassandra Halls. Council noted that a special meeting would need to be set up this week to interview candidates in order to stay on schedule. Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to set a special meeting for 11 April 2018 at 6:30 pm to interview candidates for the interim city administrator position. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Lent explained to Council that four search firms submitted proposals for the City Administrator search. There was discussion from Council regarding the residency requirement per City of Carlisle Code of Ordinances Section 21.05. Mayor mentioned the possibility of negotiating with Callahan Municipal Consultants to increase his employment guarantee from 12 months to 24 months. There was continued discussion by Council that using a local firm may narrow the search to predominately Iowa candidates. Motion by Goodhue, seconded by McCulloch to approve Resolution 2018040903, A RESOLUTION TO APPROVE CITY ADMINISTRATOR SEARCH PROPOSAL FROM CALLAHAN MUNICPAL CONSULTANTS, not to exceed $13,900.00. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Lent explained that last year Rob Fleming requested a reduced rate for his tenant farmer. Council approved a rate of 10% higher than in-town customers last year. Fleming is requesting the same rate for this year. Motion by Goodhue, seconded by VanRyswyk to approve reducing the water rate at 2014 Scotch Ridge road to $7.70 per the request from Robert Fleming, Danamere Farms Inc. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Ruth Randleman spoke to Council about fulfilling her seat for the Policy Committee for the MPO. Randleman expressed interest in remaining as the primary representative and Mayor Merrifield serve at the alternate. Mayor noted that the purpose of Randleman staying on as the primary was to achieve more financing and that goal has been met. Council discussed keeping Randleman as the primary due to her years of service as a representative with the Des Moines Area MPO and her experience with the policy committee. Council also noted that is takes several years to gain a relationship with the MPO and that Merrifield would benefit from having Randleman as the Primary to introduce him into the group and get a feel for the committee. There was continued discussion by Council and Mayor regarding the primary and alternate positions for MPO. Lent noted that Council could reopen the discussion in 2019 and consider the new City Administrator as the alternate. Motion by Hammerand, seconded by Van Ryswyk to approve Resolution 2018040904, A RESOLUTION TO NAME REPRESENTATIVES TO DES MOINES AREA METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION POLICY COMMITTEE. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to approve Resolution 2018040905, A RESOLUTION APPROVING FUND TRANSFERS. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Lent summarized to Council that part of the development agreement for the new Pioneer warehouse included the construction of a force main pipe from the warehouse to the manhole at the intersection of SE 64th Ave and SE 52nd Street. He explained that the quotes from construction companies placed the project over the bid threshold so the City is forced to take formal bids on the process.


Lent noted that Council budgeted for a fulltime Fire chief starting in FY2019. He explained that Council previously determined to adjust Chief Glover from part-time to fulltime by appointment. There was discussion from Council regarding the posting requirements for the position and Stuyvesant clarified that a change in position requires a posting but a change from part-time to fulltime for the same position does not. Motion by McCulloch, seconded by Doughty to approve moving Cory Glover from Part-Time to Fulltime position as Fire Chief Effective July 1, 2018 with a salary of $70,000. Ayes: Van Ryswyk, McCulloch, Doughty, Hammerand. Nays; Goodhue. Goodhue explained that he had no opposition to Chief Glover taking the position. Motion carried.

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by McCulloch to approve declaring the 2011 Police Dodge Charger as surplus. Chief Koch noted that the Charger had an approximate trade in value of 5-7k. The Charger will be sold at Putney Auction on 22 April 2018. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Susanne Gerlach with PFM spoke to Council regarding the future general obligation debt service schedule. Lent also supplied Council with two scenarios dealing with the LOSST; one being passed in the unincorporated area and one that is not at the May 1, 2018 election. Lent also explained that if LOSST was approved in the unincorporated area of Warren County the Carlisle will lose a portion of revenue received by LOSST for the GO Bond that was covered by the Fire Department LOSST portion. If the vote passes, a portion of the debt service payment will need to be levied. There was continued discussion from Council and Gerlach regarding the debt schedules and proposed GO bonds.


Lent explained that the engineering cost for the Pioneer Warehouse sanitary sewer line would be $2,489 in design costs with CMF Ventures and $7,000 for engineering in bidding and construction costs with Snyder. Lent noted that Alternative Outdoors will have their Grand Opening on Saturday, April 28 starting at 7:00 am. Carlisle Chamber of Commerce will do a ribbon cutting for the new member at 11:00 am. Council suggested closing the street on that block and requested that it be put on the next agenda as an action item. Jen Yates is leaving the Board of Adjustments and they will need to replace her.


Van Ryswyk thanked Andrew Lent for 4 ½ years of service to the City and wished him well.

McCulloch thanked Andrew Lent his service to the City. McCulloch also noted that he was contacted by a gentleman regarding truck sizes and would like to meet with Council. It was noted that the individual can contact City Hall if he would like to discuss with Council.

Goodhue noted that he, Merrifield, Hammerand, Lent and Koch attended the Jail meeting which also included the City of Indianola, City of Norwalk, and County Supervisors and that things seemed to be moving forward. He congratulated Andrew Lent and wished him the best of luck.

Doughty noted that he has met with a few department heads to get a better understanding of what they are looking for in a new City Administrator.

Hammerand thanked Andrew Lent for his time served on the City and that he will be missed. He noted that at the Jail meeting he brought up he has a different perspective because he visits courthouses and jails across the state and that a lot of the courthouses don’t put the jail in with the courthouse and they are building the jail and courthouse separately. He added in fairness that it doesn’t mean that is the way to do it and that a lot of the locations don’t have the space. Hammerand did note that they said they would like to put in holding cells at the location and he would like that looked into. Hammerand also noted that he did look at the trees that were mentioned in the previous minutes and are planted close to the sidewalk. He thought that since they were ornamentals they may not have a root system that would damage the sidewalk. Hammerand also noted that at the last meeting the Mayor brought up a proposed trip to China. Hammerand expressed that he didn’t know much about it and he spoke with former Mayor Randleman before tonight’s meeting to get her insight on the trip since she had been on the trip. He noted that although it is a great trip to go on he has concerns that it would be more of a vacation and that it would be paid for by the city.

Mayor explained that items on the China Trip itinerary were business related. He noted that he was not pushing but just making Council aware that he was going to reach out to see if he could make this a business trip. He is still doing research. Mayor discussed the Jail meeting as well. Mayor thanked Andrew Lent for his service and wished him the best of luck.

CITY ATTORNEY REPORT: Stuyvesant thanked Andrew Lent for his service to the City.

UPCOMING MEETINGS AND EVENTS: Special Council meeting 11 April, 2018.


  • DART Post-Commission Meeting Email for 6 March 2018

Motion by Goodhue, seconded by Hammerand to enter into CLOSED SESSION at 9:24 pm In accordance with Code of Iowa 21.5(j) To discuss the purchase or sale of particular real estate only where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the governmental body would have to pay for that property or reduce the price the governmental body would receive for that property.

Mayor Merrifield called the meeting back to open session at 9:49 pm and asked for any action. There was none.

Motion by Van Ryswyk, seconded by McCulloch to Adjourn at 9:49 pm. Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.



Drew Merrifield, Mayor


Martha Becker, City Clerk


NOTE: Minutes are unofficial until approved by Council-final approval may include corrections as necessary