May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

With May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the Carlisle Police Department would like to share the following tips:

Share the Road. Remember, the road doesn’t only belong to cars and trucks. Motorcyclists have just as much right on the roadway as any other vehicle, so long as they follow their own vehicle-specific rules and regulations.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Because of their smaller sizes, motorcyclists can easily be overlooked, especially if they happen to be riding in one of your vehicle’s blind spots. Before turning or changing lanes, be sure to signal and look over your shoulder. In most vehicles, that is the only way to check the blind spot that the rear and side mirrors can’t spot.

Give Motorcyclists Plenty of Room. Even though they are smaller in size, it’s important to allow motorcycles enough room to travel safely. Give riders a full lane to drive in even if their vehicles only take up part of a lane. And be sure to allow at least four seconds of space between you and a motorcycle in case you both have to stop suddenly. It’s going to take a car that weighs over two tons longer to stop than a half-ton motorcycle!

Drive Defensively. Motorcycles often have the ability to accelerate faster and fit into tighter spaces than most other vehicles. But just because you can drive faster or weave through traffic doesn’t mean you should. Remember, motorcycles are smaller, therefore more difficult to spot, especially when driving fast or erratically. Be courteous on the road, maintain the speed limit, use your signals, and allow plenty of space around your bike.

Wear Proper Gear. Even though Iowa law does not require it, always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. It could save your life.
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