Free Smoke Alarms for Carlisle Residents

fire alarm free

The Carlisle Fire Department wants make sure citizens are safe by having a working fire alarm in their home. The Carlisle Fire Department received free smoke alarms for nearly 200 homes in the City of Carlisle fire district.

If you need a smoke detector for your home, you can submit your request for a free smoke detector. After reviewing the applications, the smoke detectors will be provided by the Carlisle Fire Department to qualified families and will be installed.

Smoke alarms save lives and provide an earimagesCALG9276ly warning of fire, giving you and your family more time to safely evacuate your home.

Do you need smoke alarms in your home? You may qualify for free smoke alarms from the Carlisle Fire Department if you meet the following criteria:
• You live in the City of Carlisle Fire District.
• You live in at the residence needing the alarm.
You may make a request for smoke alarms in your home, by submitting a request form. Request forms can be found on the City Web page under the fire department, on the Carlisle Fire Department facebook page ( or at the Carlisle Fire Station or  Carlisle City Hall.

Or click here Smoke Alarm Application

Requests must be submitted to the Carlisle Fire Department or to Carlisle City Hall.

The Carlisle Fire Department also has free batteries to replace the batteries in your fire alarm if needed.