A new state law allows the use of consumer fireworks by individuals during periods around the Fourth of July and New Year’s Day. The law also allows cities to decide to either opt out of the law or change the times of when fireworks will be allowed. The Carlisle City Council gave this issue much thought to balance out the needs of those who want to use fireworks and those who would not enjoy hearing fireworks throughout these periods.

At their May 22, 2017 meeting, the Carlisle City Council decided to restrict the use of fireworks between the hours of 12:00 PM noon to 11:00 PM from  June 30 to July 8. The person must be on their own property or on property that the owner has consented to allow fireworks on their property. A violation of the ordinance is a simple misdemeanor.

Note that this is only for consumer fireworks, which is mainly smaller firework devices, such as bottle rockets, roman candles and spinners. This does not include larger display fireworks such as the fireworks used by the Fourth of July committee the evening of the Fourth of July. Those display fireworks still require a permit from the city.

We ask that everyone who choses to use fireworks to please use them carefully and responsibly. For more information, please contact Carlisle City Hall at 989-3224.