Fire & Rescue Personnel

The Carlisle Fire & Rescue Department personnel are a dedicated team of committed men and women that serve with pride, responding to medical and fire calls a year to assist those in need.  Our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service whatever the opportunity and you have our commitment that we will do whatever we can to provide services that exceed you expectations.

C. GloverS. RuppertJ. Sjullie
Cory GloverShane RuppertJustin Sjullie
Fire ChiefAssistant ChiefLieutenant
S. KempfN. EvansB. Sjullie
Stephen KempfNicholas EvensBrandon Sjullie
J. KeenaA. StutsmanJ. Stutsman
Joe KeenaAndrew StutsmanJennifer Stutsman
H. FisherS. GloverT. Davis
Haylee FisherSara GloverTodd Davis
C. NissenJ. KempfL. Schattner
CJ NissenJodie KempfLynn Schattner
C. DavisA. RetzlaffN. Robinson
Caleb DavisAdam RetzlaffNate Robinson
A. FultonJ. LawlessM. Bougher
Alex FultonJoshua LawlessMichael Bougher
R. CataldoJ. JohnsonJ. Evans
Rudy CataldoJacob JohnsonJessie Evans
T. Cooper
Tanner Cooper