CPD Offers Salvage Title Inspections

The Carlisle Police Department now offers salvage title inspections. Iowa law requires all vehicles designated “salvage” or vehicles that have a “salvage” title to be physically examined by a peace officer who has been certified. Applicants must present to the officer an Iowa salvage title in the applicant’s name, or a properly assigned title is acceptable. The fee for the salvage theft examination is $50 and must be paid online by credit card to complete the approval process prior to inspection. For the online Affidavit of Salvage Vehicle Repairs form please visit- https://salvagetheft.iowadot.gov/SalvageThefTtitle

The purpose of the salvage theft examination is to physically verify that no stolen parts were used to rebuild a vehicle and to authenticate the vehicle being rebuilt. A typical salvage theft examination takes approximately 45 minutes, but may take several hours if the vehicle identification numbers are not easily accessible or there are problems with the ownership documents. It’s important to maintain all receipts, invoices, and documentation for parts used to rebuild the vehicle and to bring these to the inspection as the officer will need to verify this information.

You may contact the Carlisle Police Department at (515) 989-4121 to set up an appointment.