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In case of Emergency Dial 911

City Hall  
195 N. First St. (p) 515-989-3224
Carlisle, IA 50047 (f) 515-989-4395
Mayor Drew Merrifield
City Administrator Deven Markley
City Clerk Martha Becker
City Attorney Robert Stuyvesant
195 N. First St. (p) 515-989-4121
Carlisle, IA 50047 (f) 515-989-0875
Police Chief Matt Koch
Fire / Rescue  
135 N. 2nd St. (p) 515-989-3311
Carlisle, IA 50047  
Fire Chief Cory Glover
Parks and Recreation  
1220 S 5th Street (p) 515-989-2697
Carlisle, IA 50047 (f) 515-989-4395
Parks & Rec. Supt. Ronda Frost
Carlisle Public Library  
135 School Street (p) 515-989-0909
Carlisle, IA 50047  
Librarian Stacy Goodhue
Public Works  
195 N. First St. (p) 515-989-4012
Carlisle, IA 50047  
Superintendent Tommy Thompson
 After Hours Water/Sewer Issues  (p) 515-961-1122
Municipal Electric  
195 N. First St. (p) 515-989-0849
Carlisle, IA 50047  
Electrical Outage – Normal Business Hours (p) 515-989-3224
Electrical Outage (After Hours) (p) 515-961-1122
Electric Superintendent Donnie Miller
CMEU Billing Clerk Gabby Breheny