City Switching Electronic Payment Systems

The City of Carlisle will be transitioning to a new electronic payment system called GovPayNet. You will be seeing new links to this system on the city’s website appearing in the next few days. When you click on them, the link will take you to an external website Please check the area towards the top of the website in green to ensure you are paying City of Carlisle and that the area labeled “For” is correct. The “For” area should be something like Utility Payments or Building Permits. You can then fill out the information required and choose to pay by card or echeck. Once payment is complete, city staff will receive an email confirming receipt.

The official transition date to this new system is May 29, 2019. We are not expecting any issues during the transition period but issues do occasionally happen when dealing with technology. If you are making electronic online payments on May 28-May 30, we encourage you to contact City Hall at 515-989-3224 or to verify that a payment was received. Payments not received by the city due to issues during use of the electronic online payment system will be deemed late and processed as such unless proof of payment is submitted.