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Public Notification of 2015 Monitoring Violation






7 DEC 2015


THE Carlisle Water Dept. is required by State and Federal Regulation to test for 48 bacteria samples per year.  During the month of August 2015 we did not submit the required number of samples therefore we are in violation of a drinking water standard.  This is not an emergency situation, but as our water customers you have a right to know what has happened. The Carlisle Water Dept. regrets its failure to collect the appropriate number of bacteria samples and have made corrections to their sample procedure to ensure the testing schedule is observed in the future.  Customers with any questions or concerns about the sample schedules, or any other water issues, should contact Steven J. O’Braza at 989-0125 or 989-3224.

The Carlisle Water Dept. has since submitted the required number of monthly samples and received satisfactory results. Historically, Carlisle’s water has always been below the current any bacteria standard. There is nothing else that needs to be done and we have taken steps to keep this from happening again.  We have hired another water plant operator and have altered our sampling plan again.  We use Keystone Labs for our testing and they usually do a good job of notifying us of a sample deadline.  However, we are responsible for our own reporting. Please share this information with any people who drink Carlisle’s water.  The Carlisle Water Dept. always tries to conform to all regulations.  We very much regret having to post this notice.

The Carlisle Water Department

Take steps to ensure your water meter is protected from cold weather

Have you checked on your water meter lately?

With freezing temperatures not far off, it’s a good time to ensure your meter is protected not just from cold temperatures, but also from the elements. Remember, the City of Carlisle owns the water meter, the water customer is responsible for protecting it. If the water meter is broken because of freezing or other damage, the Carlisle Water Dept. will charge the customer for the meter’s replacement. Cold winter temperatures could cause them to freeze. Insulating your meter is a simple way to protect it. The easiest way to insulate a water meter is with a specially made cover. If you’re not sure what kind to purchase, check with a plumbing supplier. Make sure you and all your family members know where the main shut-off valve is–don’t wait until a pipe bursts to begin searching for the valve. The main water valve is usually located where the water supply enters the building. Here are a few other ways to keep your water meter — and your house — warm this winter:

  • Cold air can seep into the house through cracks in windows, walls and doors, and through spaces/gaps around them. Gaps can be filled with spray foam insulation or caulking. Repair or replace broken windows and doors.WaterlineBreak
  • Install storm windows on any windows in the house that aren’t double-paned.
  • Eliminate drafts from crawl spaces by sealing them off.
  • Turn off the water to outside faucets (there should be shutoff valves inside the house).
  • Never shut off the heat when you are away. Lower the thermostat instead — shutting off the heat can lead to frozen pipes.

If a pipe becomes frozen, never use a torch to thaw it. Instead, heat the room or use a hair dryer. Keep in mind that frozen pipes can crack, so when they thaw out, they can cause a flood.

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your water meter and plumbing, or about your responsibility for them call us anytime at 515 989 3224 or 989 0125.

Thank You,

The Carlisle Water Dept.