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National Child Abuse Prevention Month


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Cases of child abuse and neglect are far too common within our communities. On average, more than five children die each day as a result of child abuse or neglect in the United States. There are over 6.2 million reports made of child abuse and neglect each year. Over 15 million children witness violence in their homes each year.

This is tragic. Across the nation, we need to take a stand. Failure to act to protect our children can result in serious harm or risk of harm, including physical or emotional harm, exploitation or death. Children are the some of the most vulnerable members of our society, mainly because of their dependence on others to get their needs met. And sadly, in the majority of abuse and neglect cases, the adults that children depend on are the ones responsible for abusing them.

The consequences of abuse and neglect can be profound and can last long into the child’s life cycle – and can result in passing it to the child’s children.  However, once a child’s safety is assured, thriving after abuse is possible.

The Carlisle Police, Fire and Rescue Departments believe that every child has a right to a safe childhood free of violence. We believe they should be able to enjoy their childhood without fear of violence. The experience of child abuse and/or neglect infringes upon that right. It is our hope that the City of Carlisle will stand together and join forces in protecting our children and prevent abuse and neglect. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, please contact the Carlisle Police Department or the Department of Human Services right away.

The symbol for National Child Abuse Prevention is a blue pinwheel. These are often displayed in yards, attached to homes, businesses or vehicles.

Free Smoke Alarms for Carlisle Residents

fire alarm free

The Carlisle Fire Department wants make sure citizens are safe by having a working fire alarm in their home. The Carlisle Fire Department received free smoke alarms for nearly 200 homes in the City of Carlisle fire district.

If you need a smoke detector for your home, you can submit your request for a free smoke detector. After reviewing the applications, the smoke detectors will be provided by the Carlisle Fire Department to qualified families and will be installed.

Smoke alarms save lives and provide an earimagesCALG9276ly warning of fire, giving you and your family more time to safely evacuate your home.

Do you need smoke alarms in your home? You may qualify for free smoke alarms from the Carlisle Fire Department if you meet the following criteria:
• You live in the City of Carlisle Fire District.
• You live in at the residence needing the alarm.
You may make a request for smoke alarms in your home, by submitting a request form. Request forms can be found on the City Web page under the fire department, on the Carlisle Fire Department facebook page ( or at the Carlisle Fire Station or  Carlisle City Hall.

Or click here Smoke Alarm Application

Requests must be submitted to the Carlisle Fire Department or to Carlisle City Hall.

The Carlisle Fire Department also has free batteries to replace the batteries in your fire alarm if needed.

The Carlisle Fire & Rescue Department’s Annual Toy Drive

Schwab Gives

The Carlisle Fire & Rescue Department is having its annual Toy Drive this year.

All toys will go to local Carlisle area boys and girls from infants to age 14. The department is asking the public to help by donating an unwrapped gift from now through Dec. 19th to help less fortunate families across the Carlisle area.

Locations to drop of unwrapped gifts:
Carlisle Public Library, Great Western Bank, Medicap Pharmacy, Fizz’, Eye Doctors and the Carlisle Fire Department.

Animal Rescue Oxygen Kits Donated to Carlisle Fire Department

EMTs  demonstrate how the animal oxygen mask would be used on a canine.

EMTs demonstrate the use of an animal rescue oxygen mask.

Fire officials in Carlisle want to make sure your pets are taken care of in fire emergencies. The Carlisle Fire Departments received a donation of animal rescue oxygen kits from the Avondale Veterinary Complex.  The donation was made possible by Dr. Dennis Woodruff and his family.


Chief Glover, Chief Doll, Captain Smother and EMT Smothers accept the donation of animal rescue oxygen kits from the Avondale Veterinary Complex and Dr. & Mrs. Woodruff.

Many times, oxygen from a mask designed for humans do not work well on animals. Having the right oxygen masks for an animal can be the different between life and death for an animal. Human masks do not fit the muzzles of animals well, making it hard to effectively deliver oxygen to them.

Human life comes first when firefighters go into a house that’s on fire. But, when they can rescue an animal, it is important to have the right equipment immediately. A lot of these pets are like a family member and it is important to the Carlisle Fire staff and Avondale Veterinary staff to have the equipment necessary to save a family member’s pet.


EMTs demonstrate how the animal oxygen mask would be used on a canine.

The mask, which has a rubber ring on the inside, fit snugly over the animal’s snout. A small plastic tube on the mask connects to an oxygen tank. This can provide better treatment to an animal who has been rescued.

More than 40,000 pets died in home fires last year in the U.S.

City’s New Burn Ban – Open Burning

City’s New Burn Ban – Open BurningOpen Burning Ordinance 655

In recent months, the City of Carlisle passed a new Open Burning Ordinance.
City officials passed a new ordinance preventing certain types of burning without councils approval.

The ordinance does not allow citizens in the city limits of Carlisle to burn yard waste, leaves, grass, tree limbs, combustibles or other such items.

Citizens can however have fire pits, barbecues, recreational fire and other such things.

If you have further questions, please contact the Carlisle Fire Department or City Hall.
See ordinance #655 for more information. They can be picked up at City Hall.

Open Burning Ordinance 655

Pancake Breakfast

Come this Saturday and let the Carlisle Fire staff cook breakfast for you as they host their Carlisle Fire Enterprise Annual Pancake Breakfast.

Breakfast is a free will offering.

6am – Noon

At the Carlisle Fire Department

195 N. 2nd Street


First Fire EMS Post

This is a test post for Fire and EMS