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Slow Down! School is Back in Session Campaign

Last Friday, the Carlisle Police Department and Carlisle Fire Department kicked off a joint traffic campaign: Slow Down! School is Back in Session. For the next week, you will see patrol cars and fire vehicles in different high traffic locations around town with lights flashing and special banners displayed. This effort is geared towards keeping traffic speeds down and helping everyone get to their destination safely.

Firefighters Association Soup Supper Feb 16

The Carlisle Firefighter’s Association will be holding a soup supper at our station. There will be a variety of soups and desserts! Free will donation.
There will also be a silent auction.
All proceeds will go towards our Stryker Power Load Cot System.

When: Saturday February 16

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Where: Carlisle Fire Station – 135 N 2nd Street







6:30 PM-8:30 PM










CFD Open House-June 17, 2017

Come  grab some lunch and check out the new addition!

Carlisle Fire Rescue Pancake Breakfast This Saturday

The Carlisle Fire Rescue  Department will host their annual pancake breakfast this Saturday, November 5  from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Big_Fire_Truck

Despite the construction, it will be held at the Carlisle Fire Station, 135 N 2nd Street. Please park in the south half of the True Value parking lot and on the street where legally possible.

The department is taking freewill donations for admission. There will also be drawings for some really neat door prizes.

Important Information on the Local Option Sales Tax Vote

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, a vote will take place on an issue that is very important to the citizens of Carlisle.

The registered voters of Carlisle will be deciding whether to participate in the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST).



LOST increases the sales tax in a jurisdiction by one cent, returning the extra penny per dollar back to the City through a formula based on amount of transactions, property valuation, and population. Many essential items such as gas, food, and medicine are not affected by LOST. While Carlisle residents would see an increase in their sales tax expenses, a large portion of the sale tax revenue would also be paid by non-residents traveling through the city using our services and streets

Based on estimates in a spreadsheet developed by the Iowa Department of Revenue, the City would retain almost $190,000 under LOST in the next fiscal year.

On August 10, 2015, the City Council passed a resolution indicating how the revenue will be distributed if the LOST  is  approved.


There have been some questions as to how the portion for streets and sidewalk projects would be allocated. The Council realizes that there are many streets in Carlisle with major decay, but that there is only one place where money for street improvements can be taken– road use money from the state. The only other way to obtain money for street improvements would be through borrowing or assessing property owners, increasing property taxes. While not all expenses for road improvements will be covered by the LOST revenue, the Council wishes to use half of the revenue on street improvements in order to lessen the increase in property taxes.

Police Cars

Expenses for public safety increase every year. We need to ensure we have operating vehicles (police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances) that are in good condition and can respond to an emergency as quick as possible. There are future concerns that will require funding such as computer replacement, radios, and body cameras with the computer storage capacity to store the videos.

The City also feels that a lot of the expense for street repairs and public safety should be shared with those who travel through our community but do not share in paying for that expense through property tax. These individuals would help pay for these services in the form of the extra sales tax.

We as the City cannot spend money to tell you which way to vote, however, we need to make sure you have information on what will happen if the vote is for or against the LOST referendum.

Carlisle residents can vote by absentee ballot. Residents can send  a request to the auditor’s office now for a ballot to be sent to them later. The request must be made using the official request form, which is obtained at: Iowa Secretary of State  or calling the county auditor’s office at (515) 961-1020. Request forms must be received by Monday, Feb. 29th. Ballots must be postmarked by 8pm Tuesday, Mar. 1st.

Informational meetings will be held on Tuesday Feb. 9th and Tuesday Feb. 23rd at 7pm at the Carlisle Family Life Center, at 405 School Street.

Additional information can be found at the following Links:

Iowa Department of Revenue Q&A

Sales Tax Exemptions

Or for more information, please call (515) 989-3224.  

Click Here to download and print this information.

What is “Public Measure C”?

First of all, please vote on Tuesday, November 3rd. It is your right and duty as a citizen. We would like to see as many people participate as possible in the voting process.

Second, for Carlisle residents, you will notice on the ballot, Public Measure C and it will ask if you want to vote yes or no on the measure. This measure asks whether the City of Carlisle should be allowed to borrow no more than $600,000 towards improvements to the Carlisle Fire Station.

The Carlisle Fire Station located at 135 North 2nd Street has served the City of Carlisle for several years. However, with the recent growth in population, coverage area, and increased call volume; the department is starting to outgrow the building as it now stands.

The borrowed money will enable the City to build and extra bay onto the building and construct a second floor for a couple of small bunkrooms for volunteer EMS personnel who volunteer in Carlisle, but travel a large distance to cover their scheduled hours. By bunking at the station, these volunteers will be immediately at the station to respond to calls. They will also need small locker and shower areas. The second floor will also include a small pantry and kitchen area. Where the kitchen area is now, offices will be constructed to allow the clerk and officers to get their work completed. They are currently crammed into one small office which is not favorable to getting work completed or when privacy is needed for smaller meetings.

The best way to learn how the current fire station is organized and to speak with the firefighters on the plans is to attend an open house at the fire station on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 starting at 6:00 PM.

Many other options were considered when attempting to determine the best direction to meet the needs of the department and affordability. Some options included constructing a new building or rehabilitating warehouse buildings, but these options were too costly.

Fire Department Pancake Breakfast

Come support the Carlisle Fire Department’s Pancake Breakfast.pancake

Pancakes, sausage, drinks and other items will be there to satisfy your breakfast.

When:  November 1, 2014 @ 6:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where:  Carlisle Fire Department  135 North 2nd Street
Cost: Free Will Donation

Contact the Carlisle Fire Department for questions: 515-989-3311

National Child Abuse Prevention Month


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Cases of child abuse and neglect are far too common within our communities. On average, more than five children die each day as a result of child abuse or neglect in the United States. There are over 6.2 million reports made of child abuse and neglect each year. Over 15 million children witness violence in their homes each year.

This is tragic. Across the nation, we need to take a stand. Failure to act to protect our children can result in serious harm or risk of harm, including physical or emotional harm, exploitation or death. Children are the some of the most vulnerable members of our society, mainly because of their dependence on others to get their needs met. And sadly, in the majority of abuse and neglect cases, the adults that children depend on are the ones responsible for abusing them.

The consequences of abuse and neglect can be profound and can last long into the child’s life cycle – and can result in passing it to the child’s children.  However, once a child’s safety is assured, thriving after abuse is possible.

The Carlisle Police, Fire and Rescue Departments believe that every child has a right to a safe childhood free of violence. We believe they should be able to enjoy their childhood without fear of violence. The experience of child abuse and/or neglect infringes upon that right. It is our hope that the City of Carlisle will stand together and join forces in protecting our children and prevent abuse and neglect. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, please contact the Carlisle Police Department or the Department of Human Services right away.

The symbol for National Child Abuse Prevention is a blue pinwheel. These are often displayed in yards, attached to homes, businesses or vehicles.

Free Smoke Alarms for Carlisle Residents

fire alarm free

The Carlisle Fire Department wants make sure citizens are safe by having a working fire alarm in their home. The Carlisle Fire Department received free smoke alarms for nearly 200 homes in the City of Carlisle fire district.

If you need a smoke detector for your home, you can submit your request for a free smoke detector. After reviewing the applications, the smoke detectors will be provided by the Carlisle Fire Department to qualified families and will be installed.

Smoke alarms save lives and provide an earimagesCALG9276ly warning of fire, giving you and your family more time to safely evacuate your home.

Do you need smoke alarms in your home? You may qualify for free smoke alarms from the Carlisle Fire Department if you meet the following criteria:
• You live in the City of Carlisle Fire District.
• You live in at the residence needing the alarm.
You may make a request for smoke alarms in your home, by submitting a request form. Request forms can be found on the City Web page under the fire department, on the Carlisle Fire Department facebook page ( or at the Carlisle Fire Station or  Carlisle City Hall.

Or click here Smoke Alarm Application

Requests must be submitted to the Carlisle Fire Department or to Carlisle City Hall.

The Carlisle Fire Department also has free batteries to replace the batteries in your fire alarm if needed.