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Mayor’s Community Update – by Ruth Randleman

In recent years and months, the community of Carlisle has been busy with improvements and projects.  While I enjoy the chance to talk one-on-one with many of you, I would also like to help communicate more of what we are accomplishing.

We are utilizing several methods to help us stay connected with our citizens, examples being our web site, social media (Twitter and Facebook), regular newsletters, published council minutes and my monthly Mayor’s Coffee, but any added information is always helpful to us all.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful new trail.  Many years of hard work have resulted in an amenity that allows more children to walk to school safely, more people to visit our community, more opportunities for health and recreational activity, and more enjoyment of “Carlisle, the Natural Choice”!  And of great significance, regarding this project, is the effort that resulted in offsetting over 80% of the local costs with grants and allocations.

Public Safety continues to be a priority, with the addition to our Fire/Rescue facility and added paramedic staff, improving response times and improving working conditions for our first responders.

Our community continues to work with developers and the Warren County Economic Development Corporation.  Through planning and vision, we’ve seen added housing and some great new, expanded, or relocated businesses come to our community.

I am pleased to announce we have addressed many of the desires of citizens that were expressed in a past community survey.  This does however make demands on the city budget.  We’ve undertaken planning efforts with our budget and capital improvements that have resulted in better budget management and tax levy control.

We’ve improved several streets in the past few years and are working on an improved entrance to Lindhardt (South) Park.  We’ve also started the process on School Street improvements, while initiating steps to improve the Highway 5 and Scotch Ridge Road intersection.  In addition, we’re working with the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding a traffic signal at Gateway Drive.

With a local option sales tax now in place for streets, sidewalks and public safety, the finances behind our maintenance and improvements will be better managed.  And, we’re responsibly setting aside portions of that levy for future projects.

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff that make Carlisle a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Closing on a sad note, I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of Steve O’Braza, our public works director.  Steve was a dedicated public servant with over 35 years of service to our community.  The void is immense, and Carlisle will not be the same.  He will be missed.

The Friends of the Carlisle Parks has established a memorial fund.  Steve loved our parks and trails, so a project that honors his memory will be selected.

Help us by providing input with comments, questions and conversation.

Please contact me.
Mayor Ruth Randleman

Steve O’Braza

Early on the morning of Wednesday, September 27, 2017, the Carlisle Community lost one of its most dedicated public servants, Mr. Steve O’Braza, He served the community for over 35 years. He was known by many residents and his fellow employees as a person who truly cared, spending many hours on improving the streets, water and sewer services for our residents and those living in the immediate area. His departure will be sorely felt, but the legacy he left will live on for many years.

Steve’s remembrance service will be held at 11:00 AM on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 11:00 AM in the North Park garden area. We know that many in the community will want to attend the service. If you wish to attend, and are able to do so, please walk to the park as parking will be limited due to the anticipated large number of people who will be attending.

Thank you, Steve for everything you have given us. Your precense will be felt each and every day we use the public services you help build and maintain over the many years you were with us.

The family included this message in the obituary:   Following the service the family would like to invite everyone to stay and enjoy lunch and share stories about Steve. Feel free to bring a covered dish and lawn chair. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to the North Park Flower Garden.


Our Community Needs You Again!

This is time sensitive—please send to everyone you can! Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who voted! The Carlisle Nature Trail made it to the final of the Iowa League of Cities People’s Choice All-Star Competition by only a few votes.

Now we have to beat Nevada in the final showdown. Every single vote is going to matter, so please vote and share often.

Deadline is noon on Thursday, so please act now!! Click on the link and vote, then share this email!

Click Here to Vote!!!

Survey on Transit Needs

The City of Carlisle is working with the Des Moines Metropolitan Planning Organization to survey City of Carlisle residents to find out what transit needs exist in the city. The responses received from this survey will be shared with the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) and the Heartland of Iowa Regional Transit Authority (HIRTA) to see if transit needs exist in the city and how they may be met.

Please take this short survey and let us know what you think about using public transit. It will only take a few minutes. Click on this link for the survey: Public Transit Survey

Thank you for your time.

Mayors Bike Ride Update

This Saturday has been scheduled to be the annual Mayor’s Bike ride. I hope you’ll go and enjoy the Summerset Trail…without me this time. I’m not going to be available, and it looks like I will miss some nice weather too, so please take advantage of the weekend opportunity to get outside.

Check out the new pieces of the Carlisle trail extension if you haven’t already. It’s a beautiful walk/ride! We’re in process of creating that final connection at Scotch Ridge Road. (Anyone needing a passport stamp for Bike Month, please see Stacey at the Carlisle Public Library, 135 School Street)

State Senator Garrett at Carlisle City Hall

Join me this Saturday, February 20, for my Mayor’s Coffee at 8:00 AM at Carlisle City Hall. Also, welcome Senator Julian Garrett for an informal chance to visit with both of us regarding issues and concerns regarding Carlisle and the great State of Iowa. I will be at City Hall at 8:00 AM and Senator Garrett will join us at 10:00 AM. With the Iowa State Legislature in session, and many projects including the budget process going on in Carlisle, there are a lot of topics to discuss! Note the change of location from my usual Mayor’s Coffee location at Subway, to Carlisle City Hall.

Mayor Randleman

Important Information on the Local Option Sales Tax Vote

On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, a vote will take place on an issue that is very important to the citizens of Carlisle.

The registered voters of Carlisle will be deciding whether to participate in the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST).



LOST increases the sales tax in a jurisdiction by one cent, returning the extra penny per dollar back to the City through a formula based on amount of transactions, property valuation, and population. Many essential items such as gas, food, and medicine are not affected by LOST. While Carlisle residents would see an increase in their sales tax expenses, a large portion of the sale tax revenue would also be paid by non-residents traveling through the city using our services and streets

Based on estimates in a spreadsheet developed by the Iowa Department of Revenue, the City would retain almost $190,000 under LOST in the next fiscal year.

On August 10, 2015, the City Council passed a resolution indicating how the revenue will be distributed if the LOST  is  approved.


There have been some questions as to how the portion for streets and sidewalk projects would be allocated. The Council realizes that there are many streets in Carlisle with major decay, but that there is only one place where money for street improvements can be taken– road use money from the state. The only other way to obtain money for street improvements would be through borrowing or assessing property owners, increasing property taxes. While not all expenses for road improvements will be covered by the LOST revenue, the Council wishes to use half of the revenue on street improvements in order to lessen the increase in property taxes.

Police Cars

Expenses for public safety increase every year. We need to ensure we have operating vehicles (police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances) that are in good condition and can respond to an emergency as quick as possible. There are future concerns that will require funding such as computer replacement, radios, and body cameras with the computer storage capacity to store the videos.

The City also feels that a lot of the expense for street repairs and public safety should be shared with those who travel through our community but do not share in paying for that expense through property tax. These individuals would help pay for these services in the form of the extra sales tax.

We as the City cannot spend money to tell you which way to vote, however, we need to make sure you have information on what will happen if the vote is for or against the LOST referendum.

Carlisle residents can vote by absentee ballot. Residents can send  a request to the auditor’s office now for a ballot to be sent to them later. The request must be made using the official request form, which is obtained at: Iowa Secretary of State  or calling the county auditor’s office at (515) 961-1020. Request forms must be received by Monday, Feb. 29th. Ballots must be postmarked by 8pm Tuesday, Mar. 1st.

Informational meetings will be held on Tuesday Feb. 9th and Tuesday Feb. 23rd at 7pm at the Carlisle Family Life Center, at 405 School Street.

Additional information can be found at the following Links:

Iowa Department of Revenue Q&A

Sales Tax Exemptions

Or for more information, please call (515) 989-3224.  

Click Here to download and print this information.

Seeking Out All Views

Our last citizen survey showed interest for trails being added in our community.  At our next city council meeting, at 6:30 PM, Monday, Sept. 14, there will be an update on the Scotch Ridge Nature Trail now under construction and discussion on a possible local extension incorporated into a street project now in design.  To all trail supporters, this is a crucial time to voice your feelings should you bikechoose to do so.  We have made extended efforts to get input from property owners affected by the new project, and have heard from those opposed, but we need community wide input for these type of additions to be considered in the bigger picture for our community.  Please contact me by phone or email for further details, and/or attend the next council meeting with thoughts.


Mayor Randleman


Floodmap Review Meeting for Residents

 The Iowa DNR has scheduled a public meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd from 6 – 8 PM for the citizens of Warren County to learn about the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps that were issued to all communities on June 22nd

 During the meeting a brief presentation will be given that discusses the results of the preliminary maps.  We will also inform attendees how they and their communities can submit comments on the non-technical features of the maps such road and/or stream names.  We will also explain the 90-day appeal period and how a community (and their citizens) would like to contest any technical data/information related to the new floodplain boundaries.

The meeting will be held at the following location:

Warren County Administration Building
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room, 2
301 North Buxton Street
Indianola, IA


Response to Letter in Indianola Record-Herald, 12 August 2015

Some may have seen the Letter to the Editor in this week’s Indianola Record-Herald. Here is the response that we will be sending to the paper in regards to the issues that were brought forward.


To the Indianola Record-Herald Editor,

In response to the letter from Mr. Frank Shultz that appeared earlier in this paper:

  1. Avon Lake: As part of the sewer construction extension to the northwest area of the City of Carlisle, sewer was installed in the Avon Lake community to assist an unsewered community with providing a more sanitary method for waste disposal that would benefit the community and the environment. The Avon Lake customers receive sewer service from the City, but no other utility. If a customer is delinquent, the sewer service cannot be disconnected or turned off. There were 11 customers out of 150 that were severely delinquent. There had been some misunderstanding of how to collect on these delinquent accounts. This has recently been cleared up with Polk County, and action has been taken by the City Council to begin collecting on these accounts. The total amount that was delinquent was $21,551, not $100,000. While this situation was worse than it should have been, it was not as severe as Mr. Shultz mentioned. It has been addressed and will continued to be addressed into the future. Also, there was no shortfall in payment on the loans for this project and no transfer took place as any transfer that would have been necessary, would have needed Council approval.
  2. Synergy Case: The City of Carlisle was in arbitration with Synergy because the construction project was handled under the Carlisle Sewer Department. Any additional cost for the project, which is what the final judgement cost is, is paid through the Sewer Department. A five percent increase in the sewer rates is anticipated to pay for the loan taken to assist in paying the judgement cost. While no one is happy about an increase in utility costs, this increase is only slightly higher than what a normal increase would be for rising department costs. Some municipalities have a three percent increase built into their utility rate ordinances to deal with rising costs for personnel, materials, and other utilities that operate the Sewer Department.

The City of Carlisle believes that the extension of the sanitary sewer to the northwest area of the city along with the installation of the sanitary sewer in Avon Lake community was and continues to serve the city well. The project has benefited our neighboring community, the environment, and the City as we see new development take advantage of the new sewer line. Not only do we anticipate more development in the northwest area, but new businesses that are already built in the Gateway and Scotch Ridge Business Park area, such as Peoples Bank, Freedom Storage and the new Casey’s Convenient Store have resulted from this project.

Mayor Ruth Randleman

Andy Lent City Administrator