All Things Parking and School Traffic

With school starting Friday, CPD would like to remind students, parents and daycare providers about “all things parking and school traffic”.

1) Make sure that vehicles parked legally on side streets are parked on the roadways and not parked partially in residential yards.🌱 
2) Make sure you do not park on private property or in business lots where you do not have permission to park. Vehicles are subject to be towed at owner’s expense. 💸
3) For those with elementary students, please make sure you do not leave vehicles unattended in the drop off or pick up areas and please do not double park in the roadways.
4) Obey the crossing guard located at Highway 5 and S. 5th Street and the student crossing guards located at S. 5th and School Street. 🚸
5) Be observant and prepared to stop when flashing amber and red lights are activated and stop arms of the school buses are extended. 🚌🚨🛑
6) Please be mindful of the other parking regulations within the City of Carlisle: Chapter 69
***Parking is prohibited on crosswalks, on sidewalks, within 20 feet on either side of a mailbox📬, in front of or blocking public or private drives, within 5 feet of a fire hydrant, within 10 feet of an intersection, within 10 feet upon the approach to any stop or yield sign, improper use of disability parking spaces, or any other no parking zones identified by City Code. 🚫
7) Lastly, Be patient and courteous to other motorist dropping off or picking up children. After all, we want to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for everyone.👍