2019 Asphalt Paving Projects

2019 Asphalt Paving Projects

Public works staff worked on developing a plan for asphalt paving for the 2019 season. They contacted Central Asphalt Paving and received a quote back for 5 sections of street within Carlisle. The following projects were presented to Council and approved for paving for the 2019 season (clicking on links will provide a map of the area):

It is expected that the paving crew will be in town to complete the work starting on Monday, August 19 through the next two weeks.

The tentative plan is to complete the Cemetery on Monday and then start the parking lot on Tuesday. Once those are complete, the crew will likely complete Cole Street and then assess the timing and finalize the plan complete the other two streets. Due to manpower and weather, the tentative schedule is somewhat fluid. We encourage those interested in the projects to pay attention to our website and Facebook page, City of Carlisle, Iowa, for more details as they develop.

City staff including public works and the police departments will be working with Central Asphalt to close streets and the parking lots accordingly to ensure as little impact to citizens and the business community. In working with the contractor, it is expected that half of the street being paved will be open to traffic during the work. They also noted that if paving has been completed in front of your property and you need access to your driveway, you can drive over the asphalt in a limited capacity. If there are any issues, you are encouraged to call City Hall at 515-989-3224 as soon as possible so they can be addressed.

I would like to note that the funding sources for the cemetery paving and the parking lot paving are different than those used for paving of regular streets. This means that money used for those projects would not have been used to pave other streets if those projects had not been approved. With around 22 miles of roads to maintain and monitor for repairs and improvements, prioritizing repairs to fit within budget constraints can be a very difficult task. Elected officials and staff will be working on updating our capital improvement plan in the upcoming year to help encourage transparency in the repair planning process.

Tommy Thompson, Public Works Superintendent